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Ok, hi.

Is this popular yet? Nope. Ok, just checking.

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That's right.

Google doesn't offer a business category for design. Buh?

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How you doin'?

Huh. Well, that wasn't so bad. Either I don't use FB enough to care about the difference, or it's actually more useful. The recommendations thing is kind of smug, but easy to ignore. What did I miss?

I am savoring a rare and special moment: I haven't yet seen the new Facebook "improvements," and so am momentarily free of that anguished feeling that comes with undesirable upgrades. My grief list for 2011 so far includes Evernote for iOS, OS X Lion (don't even get me started on Lion Server), Google Homepage, Safari 5.0, iTunes, and Instagram 2.0. I'm sure there were others, but I either stopped using them or am suffering a PTSD-induced lapse in memory. Now, I must away into the darkness. Best to you all.

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Is there any way to mute someone's feed without blocking them?

Google+ overrides my "open new tab in background" settings to force the new tab to the front. Not cool.
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