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Umar A. Hakim
"Simplicity makes Complexity seem so attractive" #createavoice
"Simplicity makes Complexity seem so attractive" #createavoice


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ACLU Southern California – West Los Angeles Nominee
Welcome to Create-A-Voice, a blog that is used for expressing urban thought and personal creativity. Why are you here... My name is Umar Hakim, an American Civil Liberties Union member, and I have been recently nominated to potentially join its West Los Ang...

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Narrative of Muslim America with Margari Hill
Narrative of Muslim America features Margari Hill, co-founder of Muslim Arc . As a student of knowledge Margari has created a menaingful space to challenge the ideals of race and power. This blog-ver-sa-tion explores her narrative in Northern California, as...

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The Story Behind #JustFundMe
A few weeks ago, I posted my busted phone and asked my audience to help me replace it, with the tag #JustFundMe. Honestly, it was all humor until the first contribution came through, then the second, and third! The first thing I said, "Thank You God, becaus...

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Inspire Generosity, Today!
You + Generosity = Social Impact! Reserve Yours, Today! This is the first of Leadership Wear... #createaoice BUY HERE Inspire Generosity to Your Friends. Wear an Inspiration that Encourages a
Dialogue. TAKE LEAD to Spark Change, while Feeling & Looking

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Narrative of Muslim America with Edina Lekovic Ep. 4 #WisdomWed
Narrative of Muslim America, features Edina Lekovic; the Director of Policy & Programming at the Muslim Public Affairs Council . In this blog-ver-sa-tion, Edina will discuss 3 important phases of her life growing up; the skateboarder, college days, we were ...

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#WisdomWed... Narrative of Muslim America_iJihad Saafir's 3rd Experience Ep.3
This blog- ver - sa - tion features iJihad Saafir, a Los Angeles resident Imam, and founder of  Islah LA. "Islah" which closely means; Revive, Renew, and Restore. It is a conversation with fun facts, his 3rd Experience model, and leadership experiences. Joi...

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"Narrative of Muslim America" featuring Imam Jihad Saafir (((Listen))) as he explains the Islah's community model, and the 3rd Experience ‪#‎createavoice‬

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          Please (((Listen))) and Share ~ Narrative of Muslim America ™ with San Francisco's Imam Abu Qadir Al Amin Why Narrative of Muslim America U.S history has documented various Islamic narratives, even before the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade . Today mos...

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#WisdomWed Narrative of Muslim America_iAbu Qadir Al Amin 2
Please (((Listen))) and Share this blog-ver-sa-tion called ~ Narrative of Muslim America ™ with San Francisco's Imam Abu Qadir Al Amin This is an original - unscripted, a front porch conversation between brothers. One is seeking wisdom, and the other is sha...
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