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IT service provider and SAP consulting Startup firm

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The article talks about different ways of image processing and the technology and issues which we faced while developing this solution for a client. Consider a scenario of an end user application which processes different ID cards such as driving licenses, passports and other similar photo ID proof cards. There are many business scenario where this requirement fits such as online application for credit/debit cards, online bank forms etc. Normally in such cases, a user takes a photo of their ID cards and uploads it. More often than not, photo gets captured awkwardly resulting in a lot of white spaces on each side of the ID card. Sometimes the captured image is even skewed. Eventually, all these improper scans of ID proofs gets uploaded in the system and causes a hindrance at the time of processing of application as they don’t meet the pre-defined criterion. Therefore, in order to ensure that the images meets the pre-defined system criterion, certain level of image processing needs to be done on these images before they are uploaded.
Read more about the work we did summarized in the article below:
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