Australian Teacher Training Materials - free to download
(Developed by GERRIC in 2001 for DEEWR)
1. Introduction to...
2. Identification of...
3. Social & Emotional needs
4. Underachievement
5. Curriculum differentiation
6. Program development

The Australian Federal Government commissioned some teacher training materials on giftedness about a decade ago.  The materials are thorough and well presented.  But as the Federal Government has no formal responsibility for school-age education, these materials have largely languished. 

Until about a year ago, you could download the 54 pdf documents quite easily.  You see, each module could be taken in any one of nine ways, depending on whether you were interested in Early Childhood/ Primary/Secondary, and depending on whether you wanted to take the course at a Core/Extension/Specialization level.  It was taken down completely, and has only recently re-appeared under the Freedom of Information.  What is currently available on the web is only six PDF documents, one per module.  Each PDF contains three books covering the three ages of children.

So, this material is freely available, but the lack of commitment to holding it on the web means that you are probably better off downloading it than simply saving a link.  These courses are still being run by GERRIC who are based in Sydney, Australia. 
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