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DevOps - Remote test execution
Developers can configure visual studio to run tests
remotely and concurrently on a configured test controller and agent groups. The
architecture should consist of developer machines with VS 2013, at least one
test controller with test agents. The test contr...

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DevOps - Workbench deployment orchestration
DevOps Deployment Workbench offers customized XAML workflow
templates that are designed to encapsulate many smaller individual deployment
steps into a singular consistent workflow. Using the DevOps workbench you can
create deployment Activities that offer m...

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Setting up a local NuGet repository
Building and maintaining a local NuGet gallery helps you
facilitate your development process with local packages which you do not want
to publish to and make them free. It also helps you maintain and
publish stable versions of your product that is...

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Microsoft ALM - Configure agent settings
While creating a build agent in the TFS admin console, you
can define the agent name and the tags using the Team Foundation Administration
Console and edit the agent properties as shown below. You can also do this from inside Visual Studio by

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Microsoft ALM - Configure Diagnostic logging in builds
TFS logs all builds to file using diagnostic verbosity by
default. Team Foundation Build provides tools to help you debug and
resolve problems such as: Failed or partially successful builds Exceptions, errors, or warnings Unexpected events or results View l...

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TFS 2013 - Gated check-in
The Gated Check-in 
builds help teams prevent broken builds by not automatically committing
pending changes to the repository, but the system will instead create a
separate shelveset that will be picked up by the Gated Check-in Build. The
build itself will ...

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Law of Demeter - Refactoring to Hide Delegate
The Law of Demeter is a design guideline for developing
software, particularly object-oriented programs. In its general form, the law
is a specific case of loose coupling. The fundamental notion of the law is that
a given object should assume as little as p...

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What, when, how - dummy, fake, stub and mocks
Test doubles are objects that replace the
dependent-on-component (DOC) in a test context so that the system under test
gets an API as the real DOC and can perform activities against the API thinking
that it is a real one!!! There are different variations in...

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eDiscovery in SharePoint 2013
My presentation on eDiscovery in SharePoint 2013 E discovery in sharepoint 2013 from prajeeshprathap
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