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Stuart Duncan (AutismFather)
aka AutismFather - Upgrading Autism Awareness to Autism Understanding and Acceptance
aka AutismFather - Upgrading Autism Awareness to Autism Understanding and Acceptance

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So +ABC News called to talk to me about +Autcraft. I went ahead and told them about how terrific the kids on the server are.

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PC Gamer Magazine put an article about me on the front page of their website all day today. My phone's notifications haven't stopped since.

But this really is a terrific article. If you're at all interested in Minecraft, autism or what I do, this is worth the read.

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I want to tell you all about my TEDx Talk but I don't want to sound like I'm just bragging or exaggerating either, which is what I am afraid this will sound like. I'm really not, honest. lol

So I got there shortly after 11am to be ready for the 1pm start. I was told that I'd be the first speaker which was both terrifying and a relief because I'd be able to get it out of the way and then just relax for the rest of the event.

Leading up to my stage appearance, I recited my speech in my head over and over again while talking to people... but once my name was called and I was walking up to the big red dot, with the crowd all looking at me, my mind went totally blank.

As I stood there, I just started talking, popped up my opening slide of my Minecraft avatar, told everyone that's me and said "the resemblance is uncanny, isn't it?" When everyone laughed... it all felt much better. I could do this.

I went through my speech, step by step, as I had rehearsed a million times. But when I reached the parts about how kids were bullied, how kids were suicidal.... I heard gasps from the crowd. I could actually see people get choked up.

As I wrapped it up, I swear I very nearly started to choke up myself... almost even cried... but I didn't, I just had to finish and get out of there. But I think that people saw that and it kinda made them emotional too. Because when I did finish and walked off, I heard the loudest applause I could have ever dreamed for. No lie... it was way more than I could have anticipated.

I went back stage where Jonathan was waiting, the organizer of the event. He grabbed me by the arm and said "THAT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD!" I basically gasped for air in response as my mouth had gone so dry that I couldn't make a peep.

I chugged a whole bottle of water... and said thanks.

Later, as people gathered outside, I literally had people ambushing me to talk to me about my server and what I had talked about. People stood in line, behind the people I was talking to, waiting for a chance to talk to me next.

There was one young lady there, an actual member of Autcraft, who bought tickets and went to the talk just to see me and meet me. We took some pictures together and after she gave me the biggest hug.

I had doctors and researchers and CEOs all seeking me out and waiting their turns to talk to me and thank me and tell me how great my presentation was. It was truly amazing and very much surreal. Not much makes me more awkward than having people give me compliments. But I thanked everyone and tried to take as much time as people wanted to talk to each and every one of them.

All in all, it went way better than I ever could have imagined. I got through my presentation just fine, people seemed to love it way more than I thought they would and everyone was really great and supportive.

I know everyone is eager for the video but that's up to the TED Talks people. It could be a few months before anyone sees that. Once it's available, you know I'll be posting it.

Thanks for reading all this and for the support everyone! This was truly an incredible weekend to remember.

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On Autism Awareness Day, I'll be doing my 4th annual 24 hour live stream to discuss autism and bullying within the Minecraft community.

So I thought I'd take this opportunity to talk about autism awareness in general and basically, how we've been doing it all wrong.

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This April 22nd, I'll be in Toronto, Canada on the TEDx Talk stage trying to fit 5 years worth of information into a 10 minute presentation.

For more:

And for more on Autcraft, go to

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RJ Cyler plays Billy, the Blue Power Ranger in The Power Rangers movie.
Billy is on the autism spectrum.

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I'll be on BBC's World Radio talking about Julia on Sesame Street in just a few minutes.

I'm excited about this and hope she becomes a more permanent character on the show.

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It's not very often but every once in a while, someone comes along and completely attacks me and what I'm doing because they see the amount of $ that is coming in on Patreon ( and automatically assumes that I only ever created Autcraft to swindle or take advantage of autistics and autism families.

This video is for those people... and anyone else that would like to know the background of how Autcraft came to be where it is now.
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