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My three kitties are wondering what's wrong they aren't playing like they did a few months ago...Izzy may be the on...

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This Day Is Contagious
Miss Kitty Here Today... I don't know what has happened to us... We don't run anymore. We don't chase each other anymore.We don't play anymore and our toys are never out to play either...what is wrong with us?                                                ...

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I finally have the keyboard from Izzy & Ino... Read on...
Miss Kitty

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Good Evening
  Hello,   Miss Kitty here with you this Lovely Evening... I was porch sitting with mum earlier and now as you can see I am relaxing in bed where it is really cool.    Izzy and Ino are with mum in her room... this gives me the chance to get to the keyboard....

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There is never a dull moment at my house...I think I need to rethink my disciplinary tactics... read on... 

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On the Baths...   It looks as if you are half & half about Ino's bath! What she failed to tell you is the three of them sneaked outside when their sister Daun came over and forgot to secure the door!   Izzy is a master-escape-artist with door handles, they ...

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Good Morning...I'm sure I am not the only Mum with this problem... why do they make it so hard?  Read on...

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Eno's Plight
Hey to everyone...Ino here again! I sneaked in to post today because...I am in a, how do you say it..."PICKLE!"  Look at you think I need a bath! (taken Sunday) Mum  is running me around the house to get me in that water! I Hate Baths...but she says...

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