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So folks have been active as of late.
And with the transitory nature of social media, i figure it's time for the obligatory "Who the hell is this Jackass and where does he belong in my circles?" question for all of you kids at home.

I'm a gamer.
To be more precise i am a loud mouthed, freedom lovin' kinda guy who honestly couldn't give two shits about your sexuality, background, nationality, religious beliefs or lack there of. I'm here to roll dice, shoot the shit about the awesome stuff that interests me and fuckin' talk to ya.

I'm an old broken soldier and radio guy who likes to roll dice and play these silly games that i am here to play. So don't piss on my lawn or leave any broken glass and we'll get along just fine.

I am very much involved with a pet project of mine, Giant Dragons. And the mission of my little gamer chats. It is a place to meet new gamers, learn about new games, BS about old games and what you are playing. It is 90% of what goes on around a good gaming table, it's common interest and similar goals, and that can be a lot of fun.

Now as i stated in the beginning of the travesty i am a "Jackass". And the best definition of it was "It's like an asshole, except i'm occasionally useful". I'm loud, brash, full of shit because it's who i am but i also happen to be quite deft at a great many things. It also doesn't hurt that i am just so damned loveable. I admit all of this freely and as most people feel much of my attitude as rather justified and if you would like to hear about it, buy me a beer. (I am available for parties, birthdays and bar mitzvahs)

But i digress.

If you want to talk games and gaming, dude. I'm your guy.
If your are looking for somebody to yell at you on the interwebs about silly BS that neither of us control, i can do that with the best of them. But i would much rather hear about your favorite paladin or game system then argue with you, unless it's about RIFTS.

So hip, hip huzzah.
Let's talk games shall we, and who knows. If we really want to kill each other we could roll up new characters and find someone to officiate. 

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Well that was faster than i would have thought.
I am a talented asshole after all. 

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Thor's Day, Thor's Day once again!
Come on down and talk games and all things gaming related!

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A little mood music for a hot afternoon. 

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Midweek is here again!
Time for all of the things and how they relate to your games!

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It's fox hole chatter.

Hey McGillicuddy, you know who Frank Zappa is. Right?
Well, no shit. In 1968. He made a cough drop commercial.

That's the kinda thing that makes me relies. Just how smart people seem crazy to dumb people.

Wake up and watch your lane.

No shit, did you know.....

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I've got quite the day ahead.
Quite the day indeed. 

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Real men dig on poetry.
At least, so i have been told.

This is one of my favorite poems put to music. 

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Seeing as i had a late night last night.
I have a little leeway in my day today.
Not a great deal mind you, but enough to start a hangout and see what is up with the goodly people of G+.

So, if you have a moment. Drop in. Give me the update on what is new in the zoo with you. 

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I get to chill a bit this morning. I had a bit of a late night.
To that end Chumbawamba, coffee, a physics lecture or two and home made cigarettes. Then it's off to 1177 B.C. .

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