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I couldn't help skimming the article - I had to see the next picture.  They are great!.  I should probably go back now and read the words  :)
Wise words Anne...thank-you!
Your words are so true! 

I learned some of your lessons when I traveled across the country, solo on a bicycle. I was approached by many people who lived in the towns I traveled through, and I loved chatting with them. I noticed when I switched from traveling with (small) groups to traveling solo that many more people approached me. I asked one woman if she would have stopped to talk with me if I hadn't been alone; her answer was a resounding no.

I found that part of the magic of my trip was in sharing stories with others who were traveling and with people who lived in the areas I was passing through. And I learned first hand about the kindness of strangers. It's so important to be open to meeting and interacting with others.
That is interesting what you said +Denise Goldberg about people being more willing to approach you because you were travelling alone. I love meeting other travellers and talking to the locals along the way. Now if only I could get better at photographing the locals!
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