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Mule Ears
I finally have an image for #mountainMonday curated by +Michael Russell

This is the Mule Ears peaks in the Chisos Mountains, Big Bend National Park, Texas.
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I honestly didn't know there were mtns in Texas Very cool!
+Olivier Du Tré Oh! Thanks for pointing that out. It isn't HDR, but I must have caused it in Nik. I don't know why sometimes I just don't notice the halo. I appreciate that :)
I always stand back and look at it from several feet away. Or minimalize it to a 200px wide image and look at it. I found out that helps A LOT!
Woah, next time I'm in Texas I have to go there ! Superb image, Anne !
Angelic mountains. ;) I didn't know there were much in the way of mountains in Texas either. Thanks for posting this on #mountainmonday Anne! :)
truly beautiful scene, nicely captured :)
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