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Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Another image I made in the caverns.

There are more images and details about the caverns on the blog:
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Beautiful composition, Anne! I've been doing some serious practicing shooting in low light. Do you remember approximately what your settings were for this shot?
+Anne McKinnell, it's a long drive out there from Albuquerque (or even White Sands). Do you think it is worth the day trip or do you think there are better things to photograph in southern NM?
Stick around for the nightly flight of the bats leaving the cave. It was one of the most awesome spectacles of nature that I have ever seen. Well worth the drive.
+Julie Rorden yes, it was a 13 second exposure, f/11 ISO 200
+Mike Hagen Mike, Guadalupe NP is very close to Carlsbad too so it is totally worth it to go out there and see both.
+Andrew Bilardello unfortunately we were too early for the bats, they were still in Mexico I think. That really would be something to see. Thanks for the tip though!
+Dan Moughamian I'm running about a month behind on my blog posts! I'm just about up to Arizona on the blog and I'm in Utah now. So much to see ...
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