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Gates of the Valley, Yosemite National Park at twilight. Processed in HDR.
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Oh my gosh Anne, this is breathtaking! Thanks for sharing this beautiful take on an icon.
Anne, your works are stunning. I really love framing and how you play with light..well done!
Gorgeous colour, magical moment. Nicely captured!
I love HDR the way Anne does HDR!
wow .... its an amazing. superb tone, excellent DOP, perfect lights. extra ordinary in all aspects :)
I would also add that Anne's HDR work is very tasteful and avoids the garish look of some HDR photos.

Thanks to +Eric Leslie for re-sharing this great HDR, oh btw, I just circled you and your great page!
Wow beautiful! Such perfect colors and contrast. And I love the HDR factor - so often HDR is used for only the dramatic/surreal look (which is also aweseome), so it's nice to see it used just to get the natural beauty of a place like this!
beautiful scenery, and a very subtle use of HDR, exactly how it should be :)
Awesome! Great timing and composition. 
Thank you for all the shares and comments and +1's, I really appreciate it and read them all.
Perfect HDR, Can share the location details
That is a great HDR. I need to find that spot!
Thank you +Dan Parsons . Yosemite National Park is spectacular - if I had to pick the most beautiful place I have ever been I would probably say Yosemite. I'm glad I don't have to pick though!
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