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Fire Canyon Arch
The Valley of Fire State Park, in Nevada, was one of the best discoveries we made last year so it was high on my list of places to return to this year.

There is so much to see and explore there with interesting rock formations in all the colours of the rainbow.

Last year, the road to Silca Dome was closed, so this year we made a point of exploring in that area. We didn’t get too far down the road when we found a convenient place to pull over and then we just started walking down a wash, exploring. I was busy photographing when I heard an “over here” from Ray. So over I went and there was this beautiful arch!

It’s known as Fire Canyon Arch. In the surrounding area there are white rocks that suddenly change to red rocks, and places where there are stripes of red, white, pink, purple and yellow. It’s a fascinating place and I’ll have many more photos to share with you coming up on the blog.

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#southwestphotography #southwestlandscape
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Great share +Anne McKinnell 
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Anne McKinnell

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Feature in Extraordinary Vision Magazine
I am so happy that I've had another article featured in Extaordinary Vision Magazine, the #1 outdoor photography magazine in Apple’s Newsstand.

What makes me even happier is to see my name on the cover there next to +Dewitt Jones  who inspired me to find my path of using photography to see what is good and right in the world. My life has changed a lot since I saw Dewitt's videos.

Extraordinary Vision is a free iPad/iPhone app so check it out in the iTunes store:
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Congrats! I look forward to reading your article (and Dewitt Jones').
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Chain Fruit Cholla
Near our campsite in Why, Arizona, I discovered there were some unusually large Chain Fruit Cholla, one of the varieties of cactus that has eluded me in photographic pursuits in the desert.

Read the story behind the image and find out how it was made today on the blog:

#arizonaphotography #cactusphotography
#hqspromotion #hqsplandscape #landscapephotography  
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Anne McKinnell

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This is where I've been with no internet access for the past 5 days!
My wife +Anne McKinnell capturing the first light on the Eastern Sierras at Alabama Hills Mobius Arch -  We were able to free disperse camp just minutes away.
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Thanks i need this more often. Be safe and have fun doing it
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More from Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
One evening, just before the sunset, I found one of the craziest Organ Pipes I saw in the park! I liked how the golden rays fell on the Organ Pipe, lit up the red rock in the mountain in the background, and made the leaves on the Ocotillo glow orange.

#hqspromotion #hqsplandscape #landscapephotography
#cactusphotography #southwestphotography #arizonaphotography  
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Looks beautiful  :)
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Picacho Peak State Park
Another one of the fantastic state parks we discovered in Arizona this year is Picacho Peak State Park, which is just south of Tucson. It’s a landmark we noticed last year when we were driving by and we made a point of exploring it this year. It has a beautiful campground with huge sites and some nice hiking trails.

You can actually hike right up to the top of the peak with the help of some cables! I’ve heard it’s the best hike in Arizona. But I wouldn’t really know, I didn’t go up there :)

I was too early for the wildflowers, but I managed to find a teddy bear cholla cactus to put in the foreground. You can see how it’s little pieces fall off and if you step anywhere near them they will gleefully attach themselves to you.

I’ve learned to always wear long pants and step carefully when searching for my perfect photo location in the desert.

#hqspromotion #hqsplandscape
#landscapephotography #arizonaphotography #picachopeak  
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Superstition Mountains
One of the best things about RVing is that you meet people along the way who tell you their stories of places they have been. It’s not hard to discover the best places to go because they keep coming up in conversation.

The Superstition Mountains in Lost Dutchman State Park, Arizona, is one of those places.

Read the story behind the image today on the blog:

Hey, I finally have something for #mountainmonday by +Michael Russell !!

#hqspromotion #hqsplandscape
#lanscapephotography #arizonaphotography #superstitionmountain  
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Great job on all the photos.
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Bandon Beach Seascape
A seascape is like a breath of fresh salty air isn’t it?

I am a little tired of the cactus photos, and thought maybe you were too, so I dug up this seascape from earlier this snowbird season.

I made it in one of my favourite places in the world, Bandon Beach, Oregon.

#seascapephotography #oregonphotography
#hqspromotion #hqsplandscape #landscapephotography
#thirstythursdaypics by +Giuseppe Basile 
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Wow....I lived in Port Orford on the S. Oregon Coast for 20 years and love to see these shots.  I've been following your work for several months now....BUT, the desert ones are also awesome.......... thanks much.
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Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in southern Arizona is the only place in the USA where the Organ Pipe Cactus grows.
See more photos of the Organ Pipe Cactus on the blog:

#hqspromotion #hqsplandscape #landscapephotography
#arizonaphotography #southwestphotography
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The Organ Pipe Cactus
One of my favourite new discoveries from this snow bird season is Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in southern Arizona, the only place in the USA where the Organ Pipe Cactus grows.

The cactus gets its name from the many slender, narrow stems which rise vertically and resemble a pipe organ. A very, very big pipe organ! They can be 16 feet high and as much as 12 feet wide and live to be 150 years old.

There is a lot to see in the park and so I spent my days driving around, exploring, scouting locations, and finding perfect specimens to photograph during the good light. But one can only look at so many photos of a cactus, so I decided to pick out four of my favourites and share them all in today’s blog post.

Here is one of them. You can see the others on the blog:

#organpipecactus #nationalparkphotography
#hqspromotion #hqsplandscape #landscapephotography
#arizonaphotography #southwestlandscape #southwestphotography #cactusthursday  
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Il est merveilleux le cactus. Il s'accroche à la vie et se régénère de manière étonnante. Il a des qualités hors normes. 
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