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A "feature" request:

Please make the password which is displayed after starting the serivce much bigger so that it's not so hard to read ;) Perhaps place it below the text and not in the same line or something like this.

A feature request:

Deleting of multiples files at once in the browser interface. Currently, even if I selected multiple files, only one of them is deleted after the security message box.

Startet testing today.

UI and ease of use is great! But:

It "kills" my device (device unresponsiv until hard reset by battery remove) every time a transfer is finnished (or sometimes during a transfer).

I've got a GT-I9300 with current CM 10.2 nightly

Hello together,

is it also possible to switch between 2G and 3G depending on the fences, or is it only possible to turn mobile data on/off? I'm rooted, so for me it's no problem if this is a requirement for this specific action.

I'm not sure about this fact, and before i buy the app, i'd like to know this for sure ;)

+Ingress #ingress

What has been changed in Ingress 1.04.0? Any changelog?

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This morning there has been made a tremendous discovery in the lonely desert of egypt ...

+Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose #ingress #ingressinvite  

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Muss man mal gesehen haben...

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