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Jennifer Lohmann
Romance author and public librarian
Romance author and public librarian

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I’m not normally the type of person who uses the word, “blessings.” Not to imply that I’m not thankful for things in my life or feel gratitude on a daily basis (I do!), but to me, blessings rise to a different level. Blessings are a feeling of gratitude tha...

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On Writing
I’m working on a novel that’s a stretch for the me. The
storyline is different, the subject will be controversial, and I’m
experimenting with point of view. Plodding along and haunted by my own fears of
failure, I decided to listen to On
Writing by Stephen ...

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Acceptance and Contacts Experiment
Hey everyone! It's been a while since I posted over here. No excuses, just busy and distracted, like everyone else. Getting back into the swing of writing on the blog has been one of my goals for the new year and I'm glad to be working my way to that goal! ...

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Read Local
Before I started in on my post, I wanted to share some news. Winning Ruby Heart won the 2015 RT Magazine Reviewer's Pick for Superromance ! The fact that there are 4 Supers that are RITA finalists shows just how awesome Superromance is and I'm so pleased RT...

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Learning to Draw
I signed up for an introduction to drawing class this winter. It was my birthday present to myself because f or as long as I can remember, I have not been able to draw. It was a  known thing  about me, like that I can’t sing (absolutely true) or that I am t...

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Winner from Jennifer's Jan. 15 post
Tammy, you are the winner from my post on January 15th. Send me an email at jenniferlohmann (at) gmail (dot) com to collect your prize! And thanks for commenting.

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WINNER for Jennifer Lohmann's Christmas gifts post
Colleen C, you are the randomly chosen winner from my post about Christmas gifts. Email me at jenniferlohmann (at) gmail (dot) com with your choice of book, Winning Ruby Heart , Weekends in Carolina , or A Promise for the Baby .

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Looking for recommendations: Sailing romances
This post is inspired by an Elizabeth Essex book I picked up. I'd never read Essex, but she came to my local Lady Jane's Salon  and her reading was fantastic. So, when Almost a Scandal passed my way, I picked up it. The heroine is the daughter of a naval ca...

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My Infinite Book Loop
At any given time I have a book (or four) that I'm reading. I'm an author, so there are the books for research, and I'm a librarian, so books for book clubs, and I just like to read. However, this month I had a rare occurrence where the messages in my books...

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Sharing your food
Durham County Library , where I have my "day job," hosted a romance fan festival last November called Fall Into Romance. As part of her presentation on heroes, Virginia Kantra mentioned that she always has a moment in her books where the hero feeds the hero...
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