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Free music, any genre. Always legal, mostly good.
Free music, any genre. Always legal, mostly good.

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{:(.SINGLES.):} Gener, Very Proper Dragonflies, Cousin Silas, Cosmonauts Day, Naomi Wachira
Band / Artist: Gener, Very Proper Dragonflies, Cousin Silas,  Cosmonauts Day, Naomi Wachira Year: 2004, 2015, 2017 Genre: Folk Reggae, New Wave, Post-Punk, Post-Rock, Drone, Ambient, Dream Pop, Pop Rock, Prog Metal My Review: Gener - Les dones (Al Pagoda Re...

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MemCave - Color Fire
Band / Artist: MemCave Year: 2014 Genre: Electronic, IDM, Chillstep, Breakbeat My Review: During a period where I was halfway involved with the blog, I got a message from Kansas City based producer and DJ Keith Rich, otherwise known as MemCave, who I have p...

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Amyl and the Sniffers - Giddy-Up / Big Attraction
Band / Artist: Amyl and the Sniffers Year: 2016, 2017 Genre: Garage, Pubrock, Punk My Review: If you like X-Ray Spex, and other femme fronted punk, then you'll love the hell out of this. These guys are in Melbourne, Australia, and they play hard, and very f...

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Jon E Erkkila - Be True To Yr Crew
Band / Artist: Jon E Erkkila Year: 2011 Genre: Country, Acoustic, Folk My Review: Some good acoustic folk-country tunes that are reminiscent of what the train kids play in the french quarter. This guy hails from Flemington, NJ, where apparently there is a p...

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{:(.SINGLES.):} All Electronic, All the time (Nnls, Aardonyx, Notch, Rameses B, Alex Tune)
Band / Artist: Nnls, Aardonyx, Notch, Rameses B, Alex Tune Year: 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 Genre: NRG, Hardcore Techno, Nu Breaks, Electro House, EDM, Electronica, Techno, Trance, House, Drum and Bass, Lo-fi My Review: Notch - Listen To The Rhythm / Descent So...

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.ʕ=ϣë¡ɍɗʏ=ʔ. RQ laji-2 - Bad Future Bullshit / Worse Future Bullshit / Low
Band / Artist:  RQ laji-2 Year: 2014, 2015, 2016 Genre: Electronic Rock, Experimental Rock, Synthpunk, Electro Jam, Lo-fi, Noise Pop, Chiptune My Review: Do you like Black Moth Super Rainbow? Do you like Mr. Oizo? How about Battls? This might be for you. I ...

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Eric Pietras - All This And More Than A Brother
Band / Artist: Eric Pietras Year: 2015 Genre: Ambient, Electronic, Soundscape, IDM, Minimal My Review: This one is a good relaxing Soundscape/IDM album, with a ton of emotional growth in the songs. The description says some songs "are worlds unto themselves...

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Big Wave Records - Mysterious Dub Works
Band / Artist: Negritage, Alchesound, Mighty Patch, Alpha D, Zoroastafari, Zazzle, Arkeyetexture, Dub Bred Year: 2016 Genre: Dub Reggae, Dub House, Chillout, Dubtronics My Review: Some good old dub reggae chillout tunes. With much flavor, and artists from a...

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Atilla Krang - Gymkhana
Band / Artist: Atilla Krang Year: 2016 Genre: Noise-Rock, No-Wave, Indie Rock My Review: The first track doesn't do this as much justice as the second and onward. Its really thrashy, but it has a great hook and rhythm, and I almost said screw it with the fi...

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Pimpstrut Local #13 - Music For Film (Not Porn)
Band / Artist: Pimpstrut Local #13 Year: 2015 Genre: Funk, Soul-RnB, Alternative Pop, My Review: This is SO GOOD. Its like a Beck sound, and Parliament Funkadelic are crossed over each other. I love the hell out of it. They have 3 releases, 2 of which are m...
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