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+Barefoot Clay Warmbrod To add everyone in the shared circle you need to do it on a desktop, there are limitations to the mobile app. This is an extension of my previous lists here and on You're welcome too.
Found this via a share from someone else. Been looking for some running circles. Thanks for compiling the list. I'm a marathon runner and also thinking of going to Barefoot running. Would love to be added to the list if isn't too much trouble :)
Great lists Gavin. If I'm not in there, feel free to add me to the ultra runners and trail runners circles. :)
+Gavin Dash Kudos for showing me how to use circles and lists in G+ . I brazenly copied your idea for my own growing population of runners ;-) Will share back as the circles populate...
+Courir Pieds Nus I'm keeping an eye out for french-speaking runners, will send them your way once I find more. +Gerd Schäfer has a previous list of german-speaking runners too. Now I'm looking for portuguese, spanish and italian runners for my european circle.
Gavin, thanks for doing all the leg work here! Amazing circles, thanks for generously sharing!
Hi, you can add me to the 5K, 10K and half marathon circles
Ironman here. Can you add me to the circle?

Thanks :)
thanks for putting these together. can i be added to 5k/10k/half marathon please?
Love the resource . . . Add me to 5k 10k triathlon and half marathon please!
Just found your circles. Excellent! Please add me to 5K and 1/2 M circles.
So glad I've stumbled across this! Thanks for all the organisation that must have gone into this +Gavin Dash. I'm going to go through and add a bunch of people now.

Can you add me to the 5K, 10K and half marathons please? I did the Istanbul Marathon last month - but I may not be doing any others for a while, so I'll let you decide if I should be included in that Circle. Thanks again!
I appreciate the work you put into this, can you add me to the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon lists.
Injury is taking me out of NYC Marathon this year (and of course, Sandy took me out of it last year). But there is always next year - would love to be added please. Thank you!
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