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A Bloggy Holiday Blast From the Past
Christmas Eve to you all ... no matter how you celebrate! Bet you
thought you'd heard the last from me, didn't 'ya? Nope. I promised
myself that I'd at least post my undying love to you
all for the holidays, so here I am!  I will probably always be y...

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Down the Rabbit Hole ; Google Search
It's cooling off here in
Arkansas. Finally and at last. We're getting some rain and
that's all to the good. However, we're entering the doldrums as far
as our business is concerned, and fuhball (every FREAKIN' NIGHT!!!)
and huntin' keep folks here from di...

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Head Cold Excuses and The Doctor
I'bh had a berry bad code. Or allergy.
Flu maybe. But whatever it was, secondary upper-respiratory
nastiness ensued, so I got some antibiotics and a perfectly lovely
codeine cough syrup for bedtime that seems to have done the trick.
Mostly better now, t...

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Just a Little Story About How Cool My Husband Can Be
says that to make the 101.6 mile trip from my driveway to the Target
parking lot in Rogers, Arkansas it takes 1 hour and 37 minutes. But
below this information, at the very bottom of the page, in teeny,
tiny print, Google added a disclaimer stating ...

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Rocking the Pre-Shop
That first cool morning sets me
yearning to begin making my fall wardrobe purchases. But, the minute
I start itching to get out the door, inching toward it so I can start spending some of what I've been fiercely saving since July, I
manage to put on the me...

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What I Did This Summer ... and Why I've Been Absent
Surprise!  Remember me? Wouldn't blame you if you didn't. I've spent almost a
whole season hiding under my cyber-rock, but I've decided to crawl
back out to check in with the bloggy world with hopes there's still
somebody out there. Although I've been ab...

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Some Mules, Some Culottes and a Satchel Walk Into a Bar ....
... and although I can't come up with a punchline here, I was so cool and and happy wearing them on a very hot evening, I don't mind leaving that title-set-up flapping in the breeze without its punchline. I found this pair of denim culottes (with the tags s...

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Today's Post:  
    Artifacts From My Way-Back Machine

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It does NOT seem like almost a month
since my last post, but it's that, just short a couple of days. Wow.
During my absence, we've had thunderstorm-intense weather with lots
of rain (we did need the rain) followed by some gray, chilly days and
all that ha...

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Spring Crashes In
Rather than her usual dignified and
gently gradual arrival, spring's appearance here felt more like a
teenager slamming through the front door and flinging herself
dramatically on the couch, shouting "I'm HOME!" in case
you somehow missed all the commotion...
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