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RKC is a scam! They charge you an admission fee and then reject your application without any explanation yet saying the fee is non refundable. Do not try to apply if you give value to your hard earned money! 
@AJ Massanga
RKC is not a scam!! Amongst other reasons why your admission was rejected could be that you were not qualified to be admitted to your chosen course of study. It is a known fact all over the world, that you pay a fee for application forms, and such fees are non refundable, even when your request for admission is either rejected or turned down. RKC to my knowledge are very flexible on admittance of studentship. My advise to you, Will be that you try again and again, Learn to stand up even when you fall in the face of rejection.

seth offei - Ghanaian , This is not scam I gained admission into RKC this year Febuary 2016 for my MSC PLSCM and starting on 06 June 2016. Please be honest to yourself, for the document you submitted to college might not be completed such as letter of purpose for the chosen course .
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