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Dave Chapman
Writer, Game Designer, Editor and geek.
Writer, Game Designer, Editor and geek.
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Here are the infographics for this year's #RPGaDAY - thanks again to +Runeslinger for hosting and doing all the hard work again this year. What a star! And thanks again to +Will Brooks for the awesome graphic design. Download, spread the love, get talking in August!!
Look for the GOLD infographic, also available as high contrast.
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#RPGaDAY 2017 - Announcing #RPGaDAY, again!
A few years ago I felt there was a negative undercurrent in our hobby. Sorry to say that, but I felt it was there, and inspired by one of those "aDay" things for bibliophiles I thought that I could try to get the world talking about tabletop RPGs in a posit...

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Check out this awesome Kickstarter!!!
The kickstarter for our new game, Spire, is now live! Play revolutionary dark elves in a shadow war of terror and blood against you cruel and uncaring high elf rulers in a mile-high, impossible city.

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Change, my dear. And it seems not a moment too soon...
Announcing the 13th Doctor - Jodie Whittaker It was only to be expected - an albeit brief post about Doctor Who . Today, they revealed the new face of the Doctor, the 13th (or is it 15th?) incarnation, in the form of Jodie Whittaker. All I can say is - AWES...

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It's coming back!
#RPGaDay is returning for 2017 (and there was much rejoicing).

For those new to the idea, RPG a Day is a daily social media event begun by David Chapman (Doctor Who RPG, Star Trek Adventures) on his Autocratik blog, where participants answer a question each of the 31 days of August. This annual event began in 2014 and continues to grow and promote enjoyment and sharing of all RPGs.

An infographic containing all of the questions, the simple 'rules,' and the source for question explanations and alternates will be provided before the end of July.

Participation is simple:

During the month of August, use your preferred media to share your response to each day's question with the hashtag #RPGaDay. Blog, vlog, tweet, post on G+ - however you share your life on social media, share your responses the same way.

Be positive and remember this event is about sharing what we love about RPGs.

Read and share the responses of others so positive discussions can arise from the daily responses.

That's it!

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Next time, Indiana Jones, it will take more than children to save you...
I'd been thinking about writing a blog post about Indiana Jones for a little while now, and today being the date of the release of the original movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark , waaaaay back on the 12th June 1981, it felt like today was a good day to do it. ...

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It is happening again...
As the 80s turned into the 90s I became obsessed. My first experience of the genius of David Lynch came with Dune , adapted from a book I hadn't read. I loved science fiction, so checked out anything remotely SF, and the movie of Dune was a visual masterpie...

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Live and In Stereo
This blog post is about audio tapes. I know it's a strange topic to pick, as I've not really discussed music here before, but it's mostly inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy and its "Awesome Mix" . With the release of the second movie just a few days away, ...

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Three Doors
There's a really cool track on the VAST album (Visual Audio Sensory Theater) called "Three Doors". It has been circling my head a lot these last few days, as I really do feel like I'm trying to pick a direction. WILD If you've been following my blog for any...
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