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Helping Startups Start!
Helping Startups Start!

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TODAY at 1:30 PT @hightechexec hosts a #free webinar to #founders & #startups. Sign up here:

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We're re-branding from Forward Innovations to Forward Accelerator!

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Here are some photos from our first Founders' Boot Camp of 2013! #FIBootCamp #Startup #Founders  
Founders' Boot Camp! January 2013 (30 photos)
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Conduct customer interviews with cohort groups to learn what you don't know, not validate what you do know #FIBootCamp #Startup #interviews

First Key Hires: Hacker > Hustler > Designer > Core Architect > Top Domain Programmer #startup #hiring #FIBootCamp

If you've launched, and you're not getting critical mass, take features away #FIBootCamp #launch #startup

3 ways to get IP: do something really hard, do something with math, do something with data #IP #FIBootCamp

We've already had two awesome guest speakers at #FIBootCamp! Jim Marggraff, Founder of Livescribe, plus Reese Jones of Singularity University, both talked about lessons learned in their 25+ years in entrepreneurship and technology #startup #startupaccelerator
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