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For me the most anticipated game is Halo 4. It has been said that the thirs installment for th Halo series would be the last but no it turns out, BUNGIE has decided to take the Master Chief on a new journey with new villians, allies, and start this story fresh. If this is true, then we can expect to see severasl new HALO games over the next few years and the new storyline that goes with it is seriously exciting. For the past twelve years gamers have grown to love the Halo world and getting to see it revamped is what makes Halo 4 the most anticipated game.

I think the Gears of War series has the best game play of any videogame out there. GOW came to be during a time of Halo, Call of Duty and several other popular first person shooter. However, being a third person shooter gives GOW a leg up on the comnpetition. For one, third person allows for a better view point, the player is no longer limited by their avatars field of vision, now his surroundings are clear. Third person also allows for a sidebar for quick weapon swapping. Before a player was able to hit a button and switch from weapion to weapon but scrolling through various items could take time. GOW crated a sidebar that enables a one button  maneuver for quick weapoin transfer. Thirdly, GOW's third person point of view allows for much quicker maneuverability of the players avatar. Things like diving, rolling and wall cover are now possible and allow for much better gameplay

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