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NTS Survey: The Emergency Communications Advisory Committee of the ARRL has developed a survey for all NTS participants. This will help us develop a baseline in order to better accomplish our task of making recommendations to the Board of Directors. The message goes on and on literally mentioning the redesign of the ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) operating manual. So... As Section Manager I completed the survey, After finishing the survey I have to honestly say that I'm disgusted that the ARRL ECAC would even propose such a thing. After 30 years in amateur radio one thing I've learned is not to over complicate a proven communications method. ARES was designed to be simple as was NTS. Yes, integrating NTS into ARES is a great idea for emergency communications to become more productive but devising new rules and messaging procedures and wrapping them into the basic, easy, fundamental and working ARES format is a disgrace. Changing the ARES operating manual in any fashion defeats it's initial and primary goal and will only complicate matters to a degree where it could possibly become extinct. The Philosopher, Occam is famous for what is known as Occam's Razor which simply reads "All things being equal, the simplest answer tends to be the right one" Hams are volunteers and that's all we will ever be, anything outside the Amateur box simply becomes a job. You cannot expect ordinary people to do extraordinary tasks, only hope that they do. We are always at the mercy of volunteers, you cannot order a volunteer to do a job, those folks have to want to do the job. Trying to teach an aging population of Hams a new communications scheme is like beating a dead horse. There are cases where Hams simply get in the way of high tech Federal infrastructure and many more cases indicate our presence is not wanted. I can recall instances of being asked to leave disaster job sites and I can also recall stories were individuals were tossed out of EOC's. 

Nope, Our job as Hams is to keep it old and simple cause that's where we shine, so, 'when all else fails' there is Ham Radio. We're old school redundant and backward compatible communicators and so over complicating or even redesigning ARES or NTS will result in utter failure. I for one don't feel much like learning new tactics, perhaps a younger generation can grow into it but one thing is for sure, I'm not buying the idea of redesigning the ARRL manuals. ARES works so leave it alone. 73 de W2GSS

Hello Friends,

Sadness fills our hearts with great pain whenever we loose friends in our wonderful hobby.  On behalf of ARRL Southern New Jersey Section membership, I would like to pass along very heart felt condolences, Our deepest of sympathy to Howard's Family, Friends and Colleagues. 

Howard KC2TYZ/SK will be sorely missed by so many. 

George Strayline W2GSS
ARRL SNJ Section Manage

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SNJ Section Emergency Coordinator Monthly reports are now available anytime at the following link. 

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SNJ Section Traffic Report for July can be found at the following link

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Hello Members.

I hope everyone is fairing well in the aftermath of the last storm which rolled through SNJ Section this past weekend. Additionally, I hope that if your one of the many folks "with  families" affected by the wide spread power outages that you find some relief quickly. I've heard that recovery efforts are picking up speed; that being said, Hopefully everyone will have a very pleasant Holiday. 

In light of the recent storm, the regular monthly news is delayed and so I'll be posting additional news concerning Field Day 2012 along with Emcomm  activity and other Section functions very shortly. 

In the mean time, Take Care, Stay Cool and have a very pleasant 4th of July Holiday


Here's what's on the Calendar for this Month

Sponsor: The Old Barney ARC
Date: Jul 03 2012 
Time: 6:30 PM (Walk-ins allowed) 
Contact: Urb A. LeJeune
(609) 296-5856
Location: Ocean Acres Community Center
489 Nautilus Dr
Manahawkin NJ 08050-1628


Sponsor: Gloucester County ARC
Date: Jul 12 2012 
Time: 7:00 PM (Walk-ins allowed) 
Contact: Gary L. Reed
(856) 582-4365
Location: Franklinville Public Library
1584 Coles Mill Rd
Rm 1
Franklinville NJ 08322-2500


Start Date: 07/21/2012
End Date: 07/21/2012
Location: Shore Mall
6725 Black Horse Pike
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
Sponsor: Southern Counties Amateur Radio Association (SCARA)
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Talk-In: 146.745 Neg offset (PL 146.2)
Public Contact: Howard Minnichbach , KC2TYZ
6515 Delilah Road, Lot 2000 Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
Phone: 609-272-9984

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Yesterday I received some new inventory for SNJ Section Hams. Join ARRL!

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Museum Ships Weekend 2012

0000Z June 2, through 2359Z June 3, 2012

This weekend will be the 15th annual Museum Ships Weekend, sponsored by the Battleship New Jersey ARS since 2005. As of this date 98 museum ships from around the world have registered for the event. Included are Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Submarines, Tugboats, Fireboats, Destroyers, Great Lakes Carriers, Great Lakes Passenger Ships, Cruise Ships, Railroad Ferries, Sternwheelers, etc.

This is NOT a contest, but instead is a loose coordination of 98 Special Event Stations.

Each ship will handle their own QSL and/or certificate.

Anyone working 15 or more different ships, regardless of band or mode, is eligible for a certificate from the Museum Ships Weekend sponsor, NJ2BB.

See for details

73, Dave, WA2TVS

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I am beginning the ARRL SNJ Section Awards Certificates for Radio Operators who had participated in the 2012 MS Bike Tour...Grats to everyone who had a mic in the sauce. I'll be seeing you very soon - 73 de George/W2GSS
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