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Jade Kerrion on #Vampires Through the Ages @JadeKerrion #Fantasy #Paranormal
Vampires through the ages When asked to name the first vampire novel, many people immediately cite Bram Stoker’s   Dracula   (1897.) The first known vampire novel, however, was   The Vampyre , written by John Polidori in 1819. Early vampires were creatures ...

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@NRNadarajah on Where He Got the Idea for Dream Caster #Fantasy #AmReading #BookClub
1.       What gave you the idea for Dream Caster? My idea for Dream Caster was spawned by a bad dream. Rather cliché, right? But it’s the truth. A single funneled cloud swooped down upon the CN Tower. People stood and watched, confused. Was it a tornado? No...

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Robert Breeze on Family & Writing @RobertBreeze #AmReading #Politics #BookClub
Tell us a bit about your family. Mum, Dad and dog Winston live in Hereford, a small town near Wales. Brother James lives in London and I pop over to see him when I need a good roast dinner. How do you work through self-doubts and fear? It’s a torturous proc...

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AFN Clarke Says Who Needs a Therapist When You Can Write? @AFNClarke #amwriting #thriller
Who needs a therapist when you can write? By AFN Clarke  There is a strong case for saying that writing is a form of therapy.  I’m not a psychologist or counselor but as an author I believe that writing has been a major vehicle for becoming a more whole and...

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#SciFi #Author of "Superhuman Nature" Brandon Overall & the Importance of Friends
How do you feel about self-publishing? -It has worked well for me!  I got really lucky and sold 711 copies of my book in my second month.  I don’t think most people have that kind of success. How important are friends in your life? -I wish I could say they ...

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Order of the Seers #Trilogy @CereceRMurphy #scifi #amreading
10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Order of the Seers Trilogy by Cerece Rennie Murphy  10. The Order of the Seers Trilogy is about a group of people who can see the future and are enslaved for that ability.  The first book is about how the Seers escape the...

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#Author J.J. Ward Shares His Thoughts On #Blogging @MI7Ward #AmWriting #AmReading
Bloggers of the world unite: you are the future of literature! In his 2011 letter to shareholders, the Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, wrote: “I see the elimination of gatekeepers everywhere. Even well-meaning gatekeepers slow innovation. When a platform is self-se...

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Christina George's #WriteTip To Make Your Next Writers Conference Awesome @publicistgal
Eight Tips to Make Your Next Writers Conference Awesome! I love going to writers conferences, and it’s really awesome when I’m speaking there as well. But as wonderful as the networking is, if you don’t show up with a plan or a set of action items for the c...

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#Author Diane Mulligan Deals with Bad Review Blues #AmWriting #AmReading @Mulligan_Writes
Dealing with the Bad Review Blues As my friends know, I am   Josh Ritter   is my celebrity soul mate. In my humble opinion, he is the best lyricist of my generation. He’s amazing and if you’ve never heard of him, definitely check him out. A few years ago, w...

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Absolution (The #Vampire Alliance) by Angela Louise McGurk @Angela_McGurk #PNR #AmReading
Blakethorn can barely remember what it was like to be unaware of the
vampire world around her. Many years have passed since she met the
stranger, the man who saved her life, gave her the world and promised
her immortality. Unfortunately for Eve some...
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