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Keith Cash

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Keith Cash

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Referral Agent "Cash Back" Merchant Accounts| Bonus+ monthly | Residual commission 4 life #workfromhomejobs
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Keith Cash

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Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse and Lightning Storm 
Image Credit & Copyright: Jose Antonio Hervás
Explanation: What's more rare than a supermoon total lunar eclipse? How about a supermoon total lunar eclipse over a lightning storm. Such an electrifying sequence was captured yesterday from Ibiza, an island in southeastern Spain. After planning the location for beauty, and the timing to capture the entire eclipse sequence, the only thing that had to cooperate for this astrophotographer to capture a memorable eclipse sequence was the weather. What looked to be a bother on the horizon, though, turned out to be a blessing. The composite picture features over 200 digitally combined images from the same location over the course of a night. The full moon is seen setting as it faded to red in Earth's shadow and then returned to normal. The fortuitous lightning is seen reflected in the Mediterranean to the right of the 400-meter tall rocky island of Es Vedra. Although the next total eclipse of a large and bright supermoon will occur in 2033, the next total eclipse of any full moon will occur in January 2018 and be best visible from eastern Asia and Australia.
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Keith Cash

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IMO: Everyone's an Influencer to Somebody
Does a big social media following make someone an Influencer? No. Follower # is more of an indication of popularity, than a measurement of influence.

Undeniably the people who influence us most in the decisions we make each day are our family and closest friends. These people offer us genuine, authentic endorsements that have not been incentivised, and thus are honest and far more beneficial.

Learn more:

#influencermarketing   #influencers   #marketingstrategy
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Thank you for sharing +Keith Cash. :) #thankyou
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Keith Cash

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DigitalEcom is looking for a highly motivated individual to join our sales team. You’ll sell exclusively digital marketing services nationwide.
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Keith Cash

Your Business and MLM's Here  - 
Make money helping people lose Weight #makemoneyfromhome
Bruce Lost 25 pounds in 32 days. Newly Slim is a true breakthrough in dieting. You have never seen anything as powerful for losing weight as this product. This sounds too good to be true. But read on and you will see why this breakthrough makes sense. (All breakthroughs did not make sense until ...
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Keith Cash

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Keith Cash

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Sell Textbooks #selltextbooks Fast Payment Free Shipping
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Keith Cash

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Sell Textbooks. Nationwide textbook buyer pays cash for college textbooks. Free Shipping. Fast Payment. Also Rent Textbooks and Buy Textbooks from us.
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Keith Cash

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Weight loss information and supplements #weightloss #lose365  
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Keith Cash

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 Dettifoss in Vatnajökull National Park
The waterfall Dettifoss is located in Vatnajökull National Park in Northeast Iceland, and reputed to be the most powerful waterfall in Europe. It is also the largest waterfall in Europe in terms of volume discharge, having an average water flow of 193 cubic meter per second. Its volume often increases, especially when the weather or volcanic activity prompts glacial melting on the Vatnajokull glacier icecap.

#nationalpark #waterfall #iceland #enjoyyourtime #Waterfall
#gif #nature #naturegifs   #photography #travel #naturephotography #travelphotography #photooftheweek #trending #trendingnow #picoftheweek #spring #spring2014 #springphotography #springphotos #springpictures #springpics #naturephotos #naturepics #naturepictures #naturepicsoftheday?
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Generate Sales Leads and Traffic : One business website at a time.
Entrepreneur Passionate about profitable internet business, SEO, Social Media, lead generation, Blogging, F1 & Martial Arts.

Delivering Ramblings with Knowledge, Personality, Humor and Passion

May every cup overflow with blessings rich and eternal


Loves puppies and kittens. An avid History Fact checker. Be warned I trust but verify.

I live in the business school of hard knocks everyday performing internet services of Blogging, SEO, Social media and Internet Marketing.

Other specialties of mine are Search engine placement with the Hope of high ranking on first 2 pages, ROI, Accounting Auditing, Inventory Auditing, Software Quality Control, Data Mining and Customer Lead Generation. 

I get the biggest charge when the plan comes together and I can get a high ranking for a website.

Have sold blogs before when the price is right.

Maintain several blogs and websites with niche topics and products.

Other things about me:

Fifth Degree Black Belt in Hard style Japanese Karate.

Have owned a Karate business.

This close to owning a golf course. (I really wanted this).

A professional blogger since 2006.

Part of the International Who's Who in Information Technology 1996-2008.  After 2008 I got too busy to remember to fill out the paper work.

Created websites that generated $400,000 in Sales from email leads.

Created websites that generated over 500 sales leads per year.
Bragging rights
Survived a 15 foot flood in the Neigborhood I lived. -- Survived Tornado where 3 - 3ft dia trees fell on the house and thousands of trees fell crushing homes and cars. Very scary. -- Have seen a Tornado land while on my front porch.
  • Hard Knocks
  • Auburn University
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Herzing College
    Computer Science
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