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Lives at the place where Dunbar & Metcalfe meet
Lives at the place where Dunbar & Metcalfe meet


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Boet Schouwink sounds exactly like the voice of God, Morgan Freeman.

How to impersonate Morgan Freeman with cold air instead of Helium

I have tried for long but Google+ failed for me.

I really do think Google+ is the best platform for reaching out to people with the same interest compared to all other available platforms. 

I like the set up. The clean, mobile first ux but I write for two reasons;
1. Make up my own mind.
2. Feedback & discussion
(and maybe a third; recognized for specific knowledge)

Evernote is better in doing the first. G+ doesn't deliver enough of number two. I know. Dedication and long term to build a community. but I tried. It didn't work out.

The head of g+ leaving and people only sharing here did help in the decision. Although I have more than 100K views on my profile, i have regular people who responds. But it is out of balance with the effort. 

See you on twitter @edwinres, on LinkedIn, (which soon will have a personal blog post section), Medium or my personal website 

(I hate posting about a posting but still doing it.)

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A laugh about net neutrality... but it is sad it has come this far. 

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Net Neutrality

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A digital subscription brings x35 more than advertising for the NYT 

Very nice article about the NYT digital revenues (vs paper and competitors)
Exactly the same why Dutch +De Correspondent probably choose the subscription, ad free business model. 

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Nice research report about crowdfunding

quote from the summary:
"we found that the reasons for web entrepreneurs to use crowdfunding are easy access to money (71.4% of respondents) followed by the difficulty/impossibility of obtaining funds from traditional financial actors, such as banks and professional investors, positioning crowdfunding as an alternative source of finance, the marketing “side benefit” of crowdfunding and the association with an innovative form of funding and communicating (all 57.1% of respondents). Some 30% of respondents did not use existing crowdfunding campaigns for their crowdfunding, but opted for a do it yourself or alternative model. Some 50% choose a crowdfunding platforms due to its legal structure"

71% said is about getting easy access to money, but i'm surprised that only 57% speaks about the marketing element of crowdfunding. I guess there is a market to win here! 

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Best article I read about SaaS companies valuation.

While SaaS companies can only show 1/X's in the books, they have a recurring revenue in the books that keeps on growing. 

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Some interesting points about startup ecosystems on HBR. 

1. You know that you have a strong entrepreneurship ecosystem when there are more and more startups. ->> False
2. Offering financial incentives (e.g. angel investment tax credits) for early stage, risky investments in entrepreneurs clearly stimulates the entrepreneurship ecosystem.  ->> False
3.Job creation is not the primary objective of fostering an entrepreneurship ecosystem. ->> True
4.In order to strengthen your regional entrepreneurship ecosystem, it is necessary to establish co-working spaces, incubators and the like. ->>
5. If we want strong entrepreneurship ecosystems we need strong entrepreneurship education. ->> False
6. Entrepreneurs drive the entrepreneurship ecosystem. ->> False
7. Large corporations stultify entrepreneurship ecosystems because they prey on entrepreneurs and their ventures. ->> False
8. According to entrepreneurs the top three challenges everywhere are access to talent, excessive bureaucracy, and scarce early stage capital. ->> True
9. Banks are irrelevant for the entrepreneurship ecosystem because they don’t lend to startups. ->> False

Read why in the article here: 

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I'd love to play around with Google Trends...

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The current lifetime value of a LinkedIn member is 50 bucks, do you think it is worth it? 

(A update of a blogpost I wrote earlier on LinkedIn after I saw the CEO talk at a conference)
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