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Akinola Verissimo
Like batman without all the financial baggage. I've also got parents.
Like batman without all the financial baggage. I've also got parents.

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Happy birthday to +Vladimir Bien-Aime​, I know this birthday post means a lot because I had to unhide my Google+ app just to make this post happen. May all your rolls be 20 today. 

if anyone has MK8 for the Wii U, my username is blakinola

let's play this weekend so I can wreck some faces.

I'm awesome.

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"They're saying that it's almost impossible to see a difference between PS4 and PC version. They compared it to BF4 running on a high-end PC with a "pretty expensive Radeon card". They're also expecting that if you're an owner of a PC that costs less than 1000€ then it will look worse than on PS4 if you want to target 60fps. 60fps is almost perfectly available in PS4 version. Given the low price of the PS4, they say that this definitely speaks for the console and against the PC version. In this video the PS4 version looks brighter due to the recording that they're using. There are some effects like water drops on the windscreen that are missing in the PC version even though they are available for PS4. Shadows, level of detail, etc are indistinguishable. Game runs smoothly even in "bombastic scenes" 

The conclusion: They're recommending the PS4 version because of the 400€ price point for the hardware."


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Informercial gifs.  Cause life is hard.

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OoT speedrun for charity!  The hax!

I-76 had no traffic today. This is shaping up to be a good day, I think.

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A brotha can't go to microcenter without almost getting run down these days? My time is far from over.

Now onto purchasing these cables. 
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