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For some reason, Facebook won't let me post this article (not properly) :(
Really liked this article. Out of interest, what do you think of the idea that time is related to the sense of self? I mean this along the lines of the non-dual which you mention in your article, sure, but also just in a more mundane sense - like when you have a headache or are bored time goes more slowly ( strong sense of self) and when you're 'lost' in something you enjoy (where 'you' seems to merge with the task) time goes more quickly...
Ah, yes, in a state of "flow" there's a reduced focus on the self and a sense of time passing faster. It's possibly related, but I don't know.
Not my own idea but certainly matches my experience & I think it's significant - and also a way to communicate a flavor of non-self vs self-fixation as a clue for practice. Anyway, was just interested to know your thoughts. Thanks.
I used an example of that in the intro to Living as a River.
Oh! I didn't realise. I really liked the intro to that book. Will have to go back and read it again. Thx.
life is just straight forward we make it complicated ourselves because of our negativities...
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