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Aleks Krotoski
hello. i live here:
hello. i live here:

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serendipity is temporal & contextual. its attribution's not fixed. it may evolve into zemblanity. or vice versa

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have i mentioned that thoughts and research about the serendipity engine (versions 1 and 2) live on a tumblr?

making unexpected connections. not just unexpectedly bumping up against information #serendipityengine #SEv2

dining on battenberg & making dreams happen. well, eating cake & discovering the limitations of social network APIs #serendipityengine #SEv2

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ohhhhh kaaaaay... so I'm RIDICULOUSLY excited to be presenting the serendipity engine 2.0 at Google's Zeitgeist and Big Tent events in the UK in a few weeks....

nope. still don't get it.

i say very little of interest here. there's really no need to add me to your circles.

do not know you

it feels like an awful lot of work to me

so WHY should i abandon my existing social networks for this one? i'm already suffering from technologically-mediated emotional anemia. someone, convince me.
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