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'The amount of activity on Google Plus may not excite you. But the opportunities that it offers in search is a reality', +Corey Creed 

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Great webinar by +Mark Traphagen on marketing via Google Plus.  Still one of my favorites.

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What do you think? What type of testing do you think is effective?
Today, Rand posted his comments on why he loves correlation studies. This drives me crazy. It's the very reason why SEOmoz is so close to worthless so much of the time (IMHO).

Correlation is interesting. It may get you thinking along new lines or lead to actual Causation testing. But the Internet marketing industry is filled with stupid info-graphics on blogs and useless data that is considered research.

Correlation may start some conversations. For that, it is ok. But honestly, intelligent people can have those conversations without stupid correlation so-called studies.

As an industry, we NEED more causation studies. We need real case studies. We need less talk and more testing. Correlation is not testing. It's research.

Thoughts? +Mark Traphagen +Jesse Wojdylo +Jason Keath

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Here's the video that started The Google Plus SEO Testing Network just two weeks ago. More and more are coming forward to help. We'll be getting started very soon. #GPlusSEO #GooglePlusSEO

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There is a webinar today that will show 5 tests that have recently been run on Google + and the results they obtained. It is an interview of +Mark Traphagen by +Corey Creed of +Social Fresh.

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Today, we released our first tutorial. It will be used on our first test that will be released soon. The tutorial explains how to use Google Analytics to determine exactly how many of your website's visitors (that come from Google non-paid search results) are logged into Google.

Let us know what you think. I'm hoping once we gather this data, we can get a better feel for what percentage of people are actually seeing personalized results and can therefore be influenced by Google+.

I also want to know if this number is rising or falling for typical websites.

Thoughts? +Ronnie Bincer +AJ Kohn +Mark Traphagen +Jesse Wojdylo or anyone else? Here's the link...

So I guess PageRank finally is now showing back up for GooglePlus. As for +Chris Lang and +Ivan Dimitrijević, you guys seemed to have called this earlier. You say this happened a few times in the last few months. Does it typically go down for several days? Does it go down for the whole site? Have you noticed it disappear for any other Google web properties?

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Tonight, +Mark Traphagen will be giving a live presentation on exactly how Google+ is affecting Google Search Engine Results. If you've been following Mark, you know how much testing he's been doing.

He'll be presenting live in the Charlotte area at the Hippo Internet Marketing meetup, hosted by +Corey Creed. You can watch live and chat with us here: For more details, visit

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I launched this Google Plus SEO Testing Network on Friday morning, March 17.

I knew that several people were interested in this type of information. But I was blown away when I got 50 subscribers within 24 hours. We have not stopped growing ever since.

So as I mentioned in the home page video, this is not something I want to do by myself. I need your help.

So let’s get started right now…

First, some guidelines:

The whole purpose of The Google Plus SEO Testing Network is to work together. Our goal is to test what exactly affects SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) on Google Plus. To put it another way:

“What can a business or person do on Google Plus to improve or affect SERPs?”

As we try to figure this out, I encourage and appreciate any opinions and conversations you may want to have. Yet, let’s do our best to try to focus on how we can actually test and not just generalize and give opinions. Otherwise, we are just like all the other blogs! Sound good?

Now, let’s hear it…

If you just want to get our newsletter and read what we figure out, that’s cool.

But for the rest of you that actually want to get involved, I’d like to hear some of your ideas on what you think we could legitimately test. Please leave any ideas you may have below. I greatly appreciate your support and your ideas. I’ll do my best to comb through them all and provide some structure to this moving forward.

Thanks again for your support.

I appreciate your interest and look forward to working with each of you personally.

(Please feel free to leave a comment on the blog using the post linked below or on Google+ here. Either way is fine. Just let me know what you're thinking.)

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Interesting observation by +Mark Traphagen and +Cyrus Shepard. It looks to me like Google purposefully removed PageRank from all of Google Plus within the last day or two.

Calling all G+ testers: Check it out and see if you agree with my observations in the post.
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