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That guy who does those bike things

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Hi Adam, and thanks for the breath of fresh air. The not-so-gradual decline of the US bike business is something I've written about extensively in other pubs. Since self-promotion is unseemly in your comments section, ping me if you're interested (rick at-sign rvms. dot com) and I'll send you some links.

But here's a simple experiment. Go to Google Trends ( and entier Bicycles and Mountain Bikes as the search terms. Now set the dates for a ten-year period and the geographic area to USA.

Interest is just about half what it was in 2006.

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Second (and final) installment of my piece on Trek's consumer-direct bike program is now available at Red Kite Prayer. Hope you like it. 

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Haunted By The Ghosts Of Dead Cyclists. Part One of a 3-part editorial I'm doing for @BicycleRetailer.

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Part One of my two-part article on Red Kite Prayer: Why Trek’s Consumer-Direct Initiative Changes Everything. See what you think:

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"The uncaffeinated life is not worth living."

What I want to know is, when are we going to drop the other shoe and just start referring to it as F***book.

Consider the Two For One special as a microcosm of our culture: You pay the same price you would have paid anyway for the privilege of consuming twice as much as you wanted in the first place.

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Further proof-- as if any was needed-- that Comic Sans is Evil, and Must Be Destroyed.

Phrase of the Day, er, Month: Electile Dysfunction.
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