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Jerzy Chałupski

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Blogged: how to use ProGuard without shooting yourself in the foot and why would you want to use ProGuard in the first place.

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I just got a monit to grant Andlytics app a "Full account access" to my Google account. Legit?

Found an issue with aapt: pngcrunch output is bigger than input (I used ImageOptim to preprocess pngs). Despite the whole "mark all the bugs as obsolete because f*** you devs" fiasco I went to with intent to fill a bug report. Found out the bug tracker is filled with spam. Not sure if the bugtracker is officially a /dev/null or what.

Current status: sad, confused panda.

Does anyone know how to exclude some folders from search & find usages? It's possible in standard intelliJ project structure dialog, but not in Android Studio.

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Android libraries fun fact: our four open source libraries [1-4], which I consider to be the Guava of android database access, got ~200 github stars in a year. android-floatin-action-button library [5] got ~200 github stars in half week.


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#git #protip Start repo with:

git init .
git commit --allow-empty -m "Root commit"

You'll be able to perform "rebase -i" on your "Initial import" commit :)
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I haven't found a library which implements Floating Action Button pattern from Material Design exactly as it looks like in the specs, so I went full OCD on this and created one. I also wanted to have a Floating Action, which morphs into multiple actions. Here's the sneak peek :). Anyone interested?
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