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Master and Sons Plumbing inc.

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Dear Valued Client,

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those of you in Hurricane Florence's path. Your safety is our primary concern, so please stay informed about the status of the hurricane and take precautions to protect yourself, your loved ones and property.

If you're in a location where time still permits, take steps to protect your property by closing all windows in your home and autos; putting vehicles in a garage or carport, if available; and securing items on your property, such as patio furniture.

If you evacuate, please keep these tips in mind:
Pack any prescription medications, a flashlight, snacks, backup cell phone batteries and chargers, water and other emergency supplies
Fill up your gas tank and make sure you have some cash on hand
Be sure you have a change of clothes, blankets and important documents
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Richmond's Top Plumbers....

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Kitchen & Bathroom Leaks
Faucets - Toilets
Water Heater Specialist
24 Hour Emergency Service
Senior & Military Discounts
30 Years Experience
No Trip Charge
Real Estate, Management Companies and Contractors are Welcome
To Get a 10% Discount on Your Next Plumbing Service, Send a Picture or Video of Your Plumbing Issue

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Richmond's Top Plumbers........ 804 323 0202

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Richmond's Top Plumbers..... Call Now and SAVE
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Richmonds Top Plumbers...

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Drains can collect debris that can eventually lead to a clog or even a backup. And if there's anywhere you want to prevent main line plumbing issues, it's at your place of business.

Ensure all drains are fitted with strainers and frequently remove visible debris

NEVER pour grease or oil into your drain

Don't put hard-to-grind or stringy items (poultry skins, carrots, celery or banana peels) into the garbage disposer
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