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Remember when we were all over the $300 fury nitro?
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No i don't
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Jet is a shopping site dedicated to saving you more money. Everyday low prices are just the start — our prices drop even lower as you shop.
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Before buying a $300 gtx 1060 or Rx 480, don't forget about the previous generation of cards.
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+Axiomatic even better lower memory use 
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Now is the time to get a Fury X if you've been waiting for a price drop. The XFX model is only $400 and comes with a $10 promotional gift card.
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After the recent price drop, the Fury X now is a better deal than the gtx 1070 at the same price for gamers who want adaptive sync technology. The cheapest Fury X available is $430:,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=
While the cheapest Gtx 1070 is $420:
While the prices and performance are close, the prices of adaptive sync monitors appropriate for each card are not. Both of these are the cheapest available 1440p 144hz monitors, but notice the large price gap: Acer 144hz WQHD G-Sync monitor:,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=
Acer 144hz WQHD Freesync monitor:,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=
The Freesync monitor is $180 cheaper than the comparable G-sync monitor.
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nice, but my local stores havent lowered the prices.. still at 770euros... ahaha I sent an email in last week telling them they are crazy.

this is almost a better option than the 1070, its at least faster in DX12 and Vulkan. That 4GB of HBM worries me a little though. But its fine with 1080p.
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Joseph Povinelli

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Only overclockers will understand this
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ive bcoem os nub i cnat felell you there
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Thanks +AMD​ for great customer service. My FX 6300 died recently, and I got a new one from AMD free of charge. I didn't even have to pay for shipping.
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+Joseph Povinelli yeah that's probably it, a cpu should last much longer than that 
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I think my motherboard might have finally died on me. I tried booting using both a graphics card and the onboard Radeon 3000 graphics with no luck, tried replacing the RAM, and tried clearing the CMOS using the jumper manually. All the fans and the DVD drive are functioning properly, including the fans connected to the CPU fan header and system fan header, so the PSU appears to be functioning properly. Also, the CPU was kept at safe temps, never reaching 60°C during prime95.
I expected the motherboard to fail first because it has the lowest end chipset, the 760G (Not originally for FX CPUs), and it was extremely cheap for a new motherboard at $30 when I got it.
Learn from my experience; Don't use a 760G board for an FX processor.
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+Fabian Schreiber It probably isn't, and I'm going to test it on another motherboard I have.
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Joseph Povinelli

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+Olivia​ want to play some Doom?

I just got the Steam Controller.
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The Steam Controller is pretty decent though I still wouldn't play shooters on it
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Joseph Povinelli

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Has anyone here ever bought a graphics card labeled "for parts" and repaired it? And if you did, which method did you use?
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John Kluk i used very often the oven method and in so many cases it was successful. Its not Bullshit! Try it out before you say its bullshit. In the past i baked for my self a Notebook Mainboard and it has worked after that for 3 years, a 8800 gts with graphic artefacts and my 770 gtx with artefacts and much more hardware and all without flux. Im also a learned systemelectronicer and not a noob in electronics.

By the way i use for 25 minutes 180° celsius and after that time open the oven and let it slowly cool down. 
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Doom is $30 off with a promo code on Newegg. This is lower than the summer sale price.
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Joseph Povinelli

System Builds  - 
Any way is the right way when it comes to mounting a ssd.
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+Kody Barks it's a raidmax vortex v3 and I do NOT recommend it. I just had it sitting around from the time I snatched it for $10 and figured out it was the equivalent of a jet engine with all of my gaming computer and the needed fans in it.
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Working on computers, watching mlp and anime, and playing games.
The only skill I don't have is that of listing skills.
  • Mining Bitcoin
    Making 2 cents an hour, 2014 - present
    I'm probably spending more money on the power for running my setup than I'm making.
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Milwaukee, WI 53211
Ponies: One of the many essentials to life.
Will build computers for bitcoin. Also, I'm not the biggest fan of Macs, and even though it might seem like I own one, I like to call it a Lubuntubook Pro due to its much better OS and new Hard drive.
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I built my own gaming PC. Twice.
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