#ingress War Story

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TL/DR; We win!

Where to start?  I guess it all began for me when I got the first Klue 'Scotland' video by email. We knew something interesting was about to happen. Then it was closely followed by another video that was decidedly unsettling, and indicated something was going to happen at Wallace Monument. Soon after that video broke, all of the known Scottish players started messaging each other. 

Then, the next video came out, and PAC's analysis outlining what our objective was. Shortly after, I created a group for planning; 'Operation Get a Klue: Resistance'. I then started contacting other groups around the country asking if any of their members were going to be going to Stirling for the main event. We ended up with a small group of people from all over the country who started with some serious planning of how we were going to achieve the main objective. Although some members wanted to be very ambitious (namely me) with the field we created, a suggestion was made of a field from Callander to the NW of Stirling, Dunfermline to the NE, and Eurocentral to the SW. Once we had the objective identified, we started laying the ground work for obtaining all of the necessary keys needed - not just for creating the field but also for defending if needed.

Now, throughout all of this, I was agonising because Chandy and I had been invited down to London this weekend to play with a group of L8 players there.  I had already booked our coach tickets and I knew the group there had already made some plans for us and I really didn't want to let them down. So, I was doing all this work with the thought in mind that I wasn't going to be able to be there to see it all come to fruition. I then got a message from the person organising the events in London to say that we should stay home for the event. I was so relieved!  I let the group know privately that I would in fact be coming to Stirling as a 'secret weapon' (we found out today that the Enlightened players only realised today that we weren't in London so that tactic worked out well!)

On Tuesday, I was getting a bit panicky about whether we were going to be able to pull this off, so I messaged my boss and re-arranged my holidays. Since I knew I wasn't going to London after all, I didn't need Fri/Mon/Tues off, I needed Weds/Thurs/Fri to really start getting things organised! Luckily my boss knows about my Ingress obsession so she kindly granted me the change despite the (very) short notice. 

On Wednesday, I went down to Largs to wipe out some green portals that were of concern as possible places for the Enlightened to create their field (we knew at this point that they were possibly thinking big, due to Enlightened activty in the far north. 

On Thursday, it was a very busy day for me. I started out at 8:30 am by meeting my friend Fremlin @ Kelvinbridge in Glasgow for several hours of farming around Kelvingrove Park. We were shortly met by Th3Blu3Monk3y who joined us in our walk. At 12:30pm I had plans to meet YaManicKill for a weapons exchange (his level 8's in exchange for some level 6 gear), then at 1pm jayno and I had plans to head up to Stirling and wreak as much havoc as we could. That turned out to be an epic journey in which we hit every large and small town on the way, turning as many portals blue as we could as a diversionary tactic, and gathering as many keys as we could, including one of the most important: Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline which was going to be a pivotal portal in our plan. jayno dropped me back off in Glasgow around 1am. 

On Friday, Chandy also had the day off so we got up and tried to decide what we wanted to do for the day. Did we want to work on creating something that would block what we thought the Enlightened's plan was going to be (and it turned out we were right btw!), OR, do something even more crazy: getting Chandy up to Level 8? We felt it would be more beneficial for the cause to get Chandy up to Level 8. This was no mean task! He started out the morning 268,000 AP short of Level 8. We decided the best place to do this was going to be Edinburgh, as they had been experiencing a very large scourge of green lately.

We left home around noon with plans to meet another person who had decided to stop playing, so that we could get some inventory off him for the Stirling event. After we got that inventory, we headed for Edinburgh. I posted a message on their G+ group to let them know we were coming, and we were going to wipe out all the green but probably wouldn't be creating links/fields or possibly even fully deploying on the portals. We requested that they get some players into the field to reclaim their area. 

Once we reached Edinburgh we started out at Edinburgh Castle and worked our way down the Royal Mile. We started seeing some comm chatter that people were coming out to help (or following in our wake). We met up with ceeags briefly, and clq stayed with us for a while including going into Calton Cemetary and Calton Hill, both after sunset which can be a bit scary! 

While we were on Calton Hill, the local (newly L8) Enlightened player HiJac showed up to say hello and tell us to get out of his city! Too bad he was going out for the evening and couldn't play. He will have woken up this morning to a whole lot of blue. We feel so bad about this. NOT!

By the time we left Edinburgh it was after midnight and Chandy had acquired around 150k AP but still needed another 118k. It was off to Glasgow to find some big links and fields to take down. I won't bore you with the rest, but it ended up taking us 18.5 hours (with a wee break for dinner), and in the end we had to resort to charging our phones for 5 minutes each so that we could exchange keys for him to create some links and fields. We got home at around 6:30am, with Chandy a newly minted L8.

We finally get to this morning. We had originally planned that we would head for Stirling fairly early, however getting home at 6:30am kind of put that plan out the window. We needed some sleep first. Plus, the Enlightened had taken out the link that had already existed between Dunfermline and Eurocentral, and I had the keys needed to put that link back up. We had to get to Dunfermline to get the link up, then head for Stirling. 

We left home at noon and made it to Dunfermline about 2:15pm. We set up the link, then headed for Wallace Monument. Comm chatter indicated that things were getting going there and they really needed us there asap! We pulled in at 3:15 and YaManicKill filled us in on the situation, which was that Chandy was needed at the top of the hill where the monument stands. The 5 portals at the top were very much in contention! Th3Blu3Monk3Y was en route to Callander to make the links between Callander and Dunfermline, and Callander to Eurocentral to complete our field. At the last check, everything was go. Chandy and I headed into the Visitor Centre for a quick break, then he headed up the hill. As I came back out of the visitor centre, I checked my scanner and noticed I had a message from Niantic Ops. Curses! The link to Eurocentral had been broken already. We quickly pulled up the Intel map on YaManicKill's tablet and started looking at the portals around the monument to see if we could find another (much smaller) option for a field.

While we were in Dunfermline, Chandy and I had created a link back to one of the Monument portals as a 'just in case' type thing. We decided we would make use of that link and try to create a field by linking another portal back to Dunfermline, then linking the two at the site together. YaManicKill headed down the street to a nearby portal (with an Enlightened following shortly after him) to capture a portal there. I soon had a message that he needed some help defending that portal so thedaffodilfish headed off on his bike to fend off the Enlightened, while YaManicKill ran to another portal to try hacking for a key to make the link and field. 

Meanwhile, in our planning group and on comms, chatter was going out to start creating a lot of links to make sure that they couldn't get a field either. Our agents in the field went into high gear creating links wherever possible. While this was going on, at the top of the hill we had 6 players vying for control of the 4 portals at the top of the monument hill. In the end, this was the tactic that won the day as we managed to block their field, as well as holding the full 12 portals within the monument grounds @ 4pm (and for those of you saying it was 4 to 6 pm, a group of us DID stay until 6pm and made sure the portals stayed in our hands, in fact we turned it into an L7 farm!)

We never managed to make our field in time because the final portal just wouldn't give up a key. 

All in all, it was a brilliant few days! We had an amazing time, finally got to put faces to all these weird names we've been seeing in comm for months, made some new friends and most of all, fulfilled our objective of saving Klue from becoming a pawn of the Shapers.

I'd like to thank all of the players that made today possible. And if you made that link that ultimately blocked the enemy field, there's a pint with your name on it at the next meet-up!
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