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Get more value from your data with IBM storage software
Get more value from your data with IBM storage software

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With IBM C&SI storage announcements know what's there for you!

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IBM Announced TSM family V7.1.1 Today! #Whatsnew
Cloud, application and VM-aware data protection for any size organization
Simplified administration with advanced Operations Center, VMware integration, and policy based management
Choose from multiple licensing options for enterprise and Entry offerings, including new Front End capacity option
Reduce Microsoft Hyper-V  backup space requirements by up to 95% with incremental ‘forever’ and deduplication
Restore VMware files with up to 70% fewer steps

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Storage convergence is being driven by growing demand for information technology (IT) resources in the physical, cloud, and virtual environments. Virtualized environments are rapidly growing as well as storing increasing amounts of data; therefore, many critical applications are now hosted on Virtual Machines (e.g. VMWare). There is little or no tolerance for long provisioning queues, sporadic performance, or downtime. This webcast will help attendees understand how to manage and protect VMWare data better in converged systems, with more flexibility, and often at a lower total cost than they’re paying for storage and backups today.

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 As CIOs and IT architects continue to be pressured by management to do more with less and by users to just do more they’ll have to plan how to accommodate three trends in the IT marketplace – shifting to a hybrid cloud model; big data analytics; and new data protection challenges from BYOD.
Attend this webinar to learn how to:
Use cloud services to improve disaster recovery while limiting costs
Keep BYOD from becoming “Users must Backup Your Own Data”
Protect software as a service (SaaS) data
Improve primary storage and collaboration through the cloud
Register for this webinar to learn how forward thinking IT organizations can embrace these trends and deliver even better storage, data protection and disaster recovery services to their users. 
Registration link :

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 Share your views like @ZDNet  on #IBMTSM's position in Gartner MQ  #IBMstorage

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#IBMpartners: To learn about #IBMstorage 's commitment to the success of its smaller clients, download playbook

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Welcome to the Fast Data Forum.

This event will be held at the W Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts on Monday, May 12, 2014.

Please join Tom Rosamilia, Senior Vice President, IBM Systems and Technology Group, for an intimate gathering and discussion with senior executives from IBM, clients and influencers, to learn about new data innovations transforming industries. Get an inside look at new innovations from IBM that will dramatically increase data insights and business performance.

The event will showcase breakthroughs from IBM research and highlight other key initiatives around Software Defined Storage.

Please use this site to register for the event.

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Title: Hybrid Cloud Backups: How to Get More for Less               
Abstract: Abdicating your company’s data protection responsibilities to the first cloud solution provider you encounter is as unwise as doing nothing to leverage the cloud at all. On the other hand, it would be a very wise decision to investigate what results you could achieve by choosing a backup technology that is capable of supporting a hybrid approach covering both on-premises and offsite cloud capabilities.
Attend this webinar to learn how to:
·         Understand how organizations are managing the data backup process
·         Gain insights into the pros and cons of offsite cloud capabilities
·         Hear the truth why a hybrid approach to a backup architecture would be better
·         Learn what to look for in a Hybrid Backup Solution
Conclusion: “People need to do something better then what they are doing now—not just different, but better. However, that ‘something’ doesn’t equate to writing a check to a get out of the backup business. A hybrid approach is a far more realistic and effective way to go for companies of nearly all sizes.”

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Tivoli Storage Manager Entry is here! We announced an exciting new offering to the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) family on 15th April that is specifically designed for entry and mid-market customers. This is a product with enterprise capabilities at a low price point. It includes TSM native deduplication, node replication, policy management features, advanced support for virtual environment protection, online and centralized data protection for databases, email servers, and SAP. It also has an easy to understand "managed server" charge metric. We are excited that the customers with a smaller environment can experience the data protection security our large customers have enjoyed for many years, with less cost.
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