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Jae-Ha Kim
Columnist, Chicago Tribune. Blogger (travel, celebs, racism, K-pop, food). Followed by Olympians, rock stars, my husband & (hopefully) YOU!
Columnist, Chicago Tribune. Blogger (travel, celebs, racism, K-pop, food). Followed by Olympians, rock stars, my husband & (hopefully) YOU!


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Before Stephanie Hollman landed a starring role on Bravo's reality series, "The Real Housewives of Dallas," she was a social worker, helping homeless women and children, as well as victims of domestic violence.

Read more about her in my column in the +Chicago Tribune:

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Former +NASA astronaut Scott Parazynski is a physician, inventor and once ranked among the top 10 American luge competitors during the 1988 Olympics Trials.

He may now add author to his impressive resume, thanks to his memoir, "The Sky Below: A True Story of Summits, Space, and Speed" (Little A, $24.95).

"I've been in Houston, Texas, for almost a quarter-century," says Parazynski, 56, who was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. "I never thought I'd ever live in Texas, but it was the only place to be if you wanted to be an astronaut. Older and wiser now, I now consider it one of the coolest and best places in the country to live!"

My interview in the +Chicago Tribune:

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I asked Chef Edward Lee what he liked to do on weekends. His choice sounds pretty perfect to me: "As a chef, I don't get away on weekends. But having said that, there is nothing better than spending a day on a farm in Kentucky or Maryland, picking fruit with my wife and young daughter. I always look for farms that allow the public to come pick fruit. It teaches my daughter so many lessons about food that will stay with her forever."

Read more of my column in publications nationwide, such as the +Los Angeles Times, +Orlando Sentinel and my hometown newspaper, the +Chicago Tribune. (Syndicated by the +Tribune Content Agency.)

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Hey, +The New York Times. There. I fixed it for you. So Ji-Sub and Hwang Jung-Min don't even look alike. One of them has a mustache, for Pete's sake.

FWIW: The movie reviewer doesn't write the captions, folks, so it's not his mistake.

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"The brilliant thing about travel is the perspective it offers you. It's impossible to stand in the places where Michelangelo painted, where Caesar spoke, where Saint Peter is buried and not feel small. You realize that you are a microscopic blip in the grand pageant of history. Nothing matters and everything matters. This is a useful thing to comprehend -- life will be over in a blink. It's important to embrace the real opportunities before you and let the imaginary ones go."

-- Mark Lamprell - Screenwriter, Director, Novelist; author of "One Summer Day in Rome"

Read more in my column in the +Chicago Tribune.

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+Stephen Curry -- you are costing me a small fortune. But as long as you continue to be a good role model for my kid, I'm OK with that.

+Under Armour #sonofjae #stephencurry

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Best known to many "Lost" fans as young Walt, actor Malcolm David Kelley is now 25 and one of the stars of the highly-anticipated Kathryn Bigelow film, "Detroit," which is based on the Algiers Motel incident during that city's 1967 12th Street Riot. Kelley also is one half of the music duo MKTO. Read more of my column in outlets such as the +Chicago Tribune, +Los Angeles Times and +Orlando Sentinel:

#DETROITmovie #MKTO #GoAwayWithJae

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Who says you can't learn something from watching television? K-Pop star Rap Monster (+BTS 방탄소년단) learned to speak fluent English by watching DVDs of "Friends." You can hear him snippets of him chatting with me on my website. Happy Sunday, everyone! 👍

#bts #rapmon #rapmonster #kpop #bangtanboys #goawaywithjae

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Thank you, +BTS 방탄소년단, for sharing my interview with Rap Monster. The column ran in outlets across the United States (such as the +Chicago Tribune and +Los Angeles Times). I can honestly say that of all the columns I have written over the years for the +Tribune Content Agency, THIS one has been the most shared piece.🇰🇷

#bts #rapmonster #kpop #BangtanBoys #방탄소년단 #army
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