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Jason “Jayvenpup” Pounsett
"You are amusing in a 'what the hell is wrong with you' kind of way." - Jaheira, Baldur's Gate Series
"You are amusing in a 'what the hell is wrong with you' kind of way." - Jaheira, Baldur's Gate Series


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<3 Geek & Sundry :D

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The Showman in The Bedazzled Crocodile Suit by Sean Cowen

I realized I had a POEM in me after hearing and watching a day of tributes to Robin Williams. Poems are few are far between in my twilight years, but he inspired me - as he always has. This one's for you, Robin.


A colorful robin flies 
Between two worlds, of pain and sheer ebullience. The world
According to all needs unabashed laughter. Loud laughter.
Pure joy. Captain, My Captain, fly again.
Fly. Soar. Float above us, wings stretched
Across a splashed canvass of colors
Brighter than should be allowed. Laugh.

WITH us, as we relish you, your rapier wit, yer
Joie de vivre.  Our tears are as big
As a lonely elephant when we guffaw. You
Made as chortle, and spew our drinks
Over and over. We have been Playdough, squeezed
Through the firm hands of a master puppeteer, willingly.

Good Morning, Heaven!
The pearly gates spread wide open
For El Maestro. A man, who's comedic touch
Was as light as a snowball; heavy
As a burning sun. Burning man
And its chaos almost captures your soul, chief.
You never had a friend like me, but we had you.

We didn't have you for 200 years
But celluloid will. Good Memory will. Books
Will be filled with legends, about one
Shining star that ignited generations of wild
Imaginations bellowing out, in dervish cries,
From bedrooms to boardrooms ... Nanu, Nanu!

The History Shaman in the Asimovian world of 
Tomorrow, in those Glorious Days of FUTURE
Will whisper but one name, robin.
And rainy days will start shedding their own
Barnum & Bailey tears. For you.
Messy, joyful, salty tears of 
Understanding mankind. As you understood this
More perfect union.

Can you rest now, maniacal man? Your dues 
Are Paid. The audience sleeps, as you sleep. 
You're in peace, tossed in the air 
From your mother's arms. Rest.
See you soon...
Don't worry, we'll improvise
The rest of the show.

#riprobinwilliams   #captainmycaptain   #robinwilliams   #poetry  

Source: ME
Sketch from The Guardian

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#cthulhu #astrology

This just makes my little heart go Ia! Ia!

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Got my copy :-D
My highly-anticipated fourth book and the first of a series Malus Domestica goes live today. It’s a dark-fantasy/horror epic about a rock chick that hunts witches. Please reshare!



It’s been five years since Robin Martine’s father threw her mother Annie off the second-floor balcony and broke her neck. Five long years since Robin was locked away in a mental hospital for telling the authorities that the murder was caused by a witch. A witch named Marilyn Cutty.

Three years ago, a man named Heinrich Hammer came for her. “I’ll get you out of here … but you’ll have to kill.”

Now a veteran witch-hunter and YouTube star, Robin has come back to town to settle up with the coven that stole her life from her. But she’ll have to fight through Heaven, Hell and everything in between if she wants to free her mother’s spirit from Cutty’s soul-sucking apple tree and end the witches’ reign over the town of Blackfield once and for all.

#horror   #fantasy   #kindle   #kindlebooks   #witch   #booksthatmatter   #pleaseshare  

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Download this app and share your monsters with friends

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Definitely recommend donating, even those of us not able to go to the Cons!
Help Me Get to Dragon*Con2014 and you could win a GoPro!

My Dragon*Con vendor badge application got rejected. So I need help more than ever.

If a hundred people sent just $5, the fundraiser would be over and somebody would be walking away with a $300 camera for the price of a burger and fries.

#pleaseshare   #fundraiser   #dragoncon  

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This fantastic book just arrived today :D I've had a quick flick through and it is far better than I anticipated. Far from being just a gimicky book, that is for sure.

From my quick paruse, I love how they did the timeline at the bottom of every page! I have Volume 2 on preorder already.

Mostly our thoughts were for looking into world building as well as if I ever try running somehting in DA.

Threes! is pretty cool. Check it out on Google Play Games. See if you can beat my score!
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