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An inspiring interview with Dave The Raw Food Trucker.

Life doesn't have to be filled with disease, prescriptions, antacids, low energy, diabetes, joint pain, obesity etc!

The Amazing Recovery of Dave The Raw Food Trucker
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Just curious, but have you heard of uncooking 101? They offer a course in becoming a raw food chef/educator, and I'm curious to try it.

I'm an amateur raw-foodist, but would love to have the chance to have a little more structure in the way I make recipes and learn enough to really share it with others.

Looking for a few reviews.
Yes, I have. Eva Rawposa is a beautiful lady, inside and out! I haven't tried her program, but they have awesome recipes on their site.

I did a system called "Eating For Energy" by Yuri Elkaim. I was 18 weeks pregnant, and nobody would help me transition. (I had gestational diabetes) it was a great program, but I had to do a lot of changing because of ny blood sugar, but my husband stuck to it. He lost 30+ lbs in 12 weeks and gained crazy energy. It was fairly easy to follow for complete newbies. The ingredients weren't too hard to find, and the recipes were fairly quick to make.. maybe 10-15 minutes depending in the meal. It was a 12 week plan with recipes. It was an ebook, I would've preferred a book. We printed the plan and recipes. It was what I could find at the time :)

I have a friend who got the 101 plan, I'll ask her how she liked it and get back to you.

Eventually it becomes easy and you'll start making your own recipes :)
Oops, I re-read your question. (Sorry, I've got two little ones, it's hard to keep concentrated sometimes)

My friend didn't do the program to teach.
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