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Hi! In case you didn't know, Meikyuu is not in active translation efforts from my end right now since Kondo never got back to us. I'd be interested in trying to source who to talk to for some other games like Tokyo Nova, but for now I don't have any open projects (unfortunately).

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goblet master boutros provides his seal of approval (if you can guess what the seal is, then you are perhaps a cool lass or lad, or possibly a sir, madam, lady, or lord)

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Hey! Do you know Meikyuu Kingdom? It's a pen and paper RPG from Japan. It is being demoed - in English AND German - at SPIEL this weekend, the largest gaming convention in Europe. For more information, check out the creator's website regarding their booth info and timetable:

it's my birthday today! i shall celebrate by putting on my birthday suit.

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> work on a project from 9am to 3:40am
> wake up at 9:40am

bring it on, JERKS

+Andy Kitkowski can you get someone to run a TBZ/octaNe/Kemonozume mashup with band of six string samurai in the deep American south known as the Animals

call the game "House of the Rising Sun"
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