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Meet Perch

LPS Technology introduces the first-ever solution to a growing problem for travelers and hotels all around the world: mobile device chargers accidentally left behind. A newly patented product known as PERCH aims to eliminate this problem, and will be demonstrated at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in booth #26519. 

PERCH is a lightweight, compact electronic accessory that attaches to any electronic device battery charger; it “perches” between the charger and wall socket. When the portable device (i.e. mobile phone, laptop, BlueTooth) is connected to its corresponding charger, Perch automatically activates and begins silently “watching your wires.” Hours later, when the device is unplugged from its charger, Perch chirps a distinctive, unobtrusive sound, reminding its owner to take the charger along. If it is not yet time to unplug the charger and relocate, the alarm can be silenced with the push of a button. 

“Portable electronic devices are the lifeblood of modern efficiency, but without a constant source of power, everything comes to a stop,” said Perch Inventor Brian Tedesco. “Forgotten chargers are the ‘Achilles heel’ of the mobile, electronic world we live in. At the speed of life today, we simply can’t afford to be ‘electronically handicapped’ by a forgotten charger.”

Perch was inspired by news reports indicating that hotels recover, on average, one forgotten charger nearly every day. “People on the go don’t have time to track down a new way to power up,” said Tedesco. “Perch safeguards the travelers’ ability to stay connected, accessible and focused.” 

Perch was created and patented by Loss Prevention Systems (LPS), a US-based international company with an established platform for worldwide sales and distribution. As a “green” tech company, LPS aims to reduce greenhouse gases (produced by manufacturing and transporting replacement chargers) and untold tons of electronic waste each year. LPS products are designed to support the consumer, the environment, and the speed of modern life.

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