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Xairylle Schauiaezach-Lucena
Attended STI College Sta. Maria
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To Love. To Fight. To Protect.
Xairylle is an arachnophobic mushroom moogle with barely any sense of direction. She loves writing, drawing, anime, cosplay, photography, expression and the internet.

STR 70
VIT 40
AGI 85
DEX 40
INT 50
LUK 100 <-- Dahil ang swerte ko kay Nikko ♥

I love my REAL friends to death even if I just met some of them online.

I love self-expression which is why I love art.

I love Kurosaki Ichigo. ♥
I love Kuchiki Rukia. ♥
And I love IchiRuki. ♥

I have a GREAT DISLIKE for liars and posers. These idiots are evolving and multiplying. Either it's contagious or they breed (please don't tell me it's both).

One thing I've learned from Jin Joson is that there is such a thing called freedom of expression but of equal importance is the sense of common decency.

I am open-minded but not to the point that I'll take in whatever you tell me.

I dislike people who can not tell constructive from destructive criticism. I am a person who takes constructive criticism positively so flames are not welcome.

I have nothing against emo as a fad but emo as a psychological state wherein you are always off to kill yourself for silly reasons like "your crush was talking happily to another girl/guy" then saying "no one understands" is ridiculous.

I understand more than you think I do. It's just that I don't tell you when I don't feel the need to.

From 1-10, my patience is at 4.

Money doesn't make the world go round. It makes the world go crazy.
  • STI College Sta. Maria
    Diploma in Information Technology, 2008 - 2010
  • Bulacan State University
    Computer Engineering (Undergraduate), 2003 - 2007
Freelancer, Entrepreneur
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