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My contribution for today’s Women’s Day:

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There’s an urgent need for doing something like this. Some artists I know have already dropped from Google+, because they got warnings about their posted paintings and photos. So if we don’t want to look just at sunrises and sundowns, flowers and birds, all harmless stuff (really nice), but also at more serious art content, there must be found a solution. Otherwise more artists will be leaving.
Art, taken seriously, isn’t at all harmless. Art, that counts, often crosses lines and goes to the limits of human experience. It talks about who we are (or can be) as human beings. Excluding this from Google+ therefore is much more than excluding little pieces of art work. And the result is even worse: it forces artists to become conventional and nice, fitting into a boring mainstream (at least if they want to stay at Google+).

#FigurativeArtFriday #BreakfastArtClub #TheBreakfastClub

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A circle about an interesting, much inspiring subject:
A Lichen Circle, please join, comment, suggest...

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Lovable +paul stickland What would we do without him, here on Google+? Everyday he strives to enjoy us by creating an entire zoo of unique creatures.

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Please add and share this circle:
The Circle of Creation

The goal with this circle was to spread the knowledge, creativity and incredible creations of everyone in it. I reached out to my followers and asked for their help in searching for the new creators. The people that joined this network with no prior following. People that weren’t known celebrities, people that didn’t have thousands of followers on Twitter, and people that would have been undiscovered without this network. The results were simply amazing.

The Story Behind the Circle

Of course, my intentions of this project were deeper than you may have guessed. The reason I want to share with you a circle of creative people is because of the threat that exists by the United States’ and other nations’ governments. Currently the “Stop Online Piracy Act” and “Protect IP Act” are both bouncing around in congress. There have been reports that one may have died, but regardless of those reports, this type of legislation might resurface under any name.

Understanding the rights and provisions of copyright is a very important thing. Understanding your rights as a commentator, an artist, or a content creator is critical. However, having our rights to fair use completely threatened and thereby extinguishing our right to free speech, is completely unacceptable. Legislators are leaning towards their lobbyists who tell them how this type of legislation with help protect jobs and keep our economic engine running.

You and I know that is not true. You and I know that it is the individuals, the entrepreneurs, the independent artists, the garage bands, the corner stores and the family businesses that keep this world spinning, and not just in America. Don’t let any government get in the way of our freedom to share with each other. Understand and uphold your rights for fair use and never ever let someone tell you that you don’t have a voice.

With that said, here are a list of people that would not have otherwise been found. They would have been left undiscovered, under appreciated and widely unknown if it were not for our freedoms to communicate and share each others’ talents.

In this circle are people that build things, people that create things, people that draw things, people that ask questions, people that think outside of the box. This circle is home to people that did not have a following until their time here on this one singular network. Every person in this circle has the potential to be a success story and to have their talents shared with the world. Do not, under any circumstance, let anyone ever alienate that right.
CC: +Sarah Hill +Natalie Villalobos +Louis Gray +Vic Gundotra +Bruce Garber +matthew rappaport +Mohamed Mansour +Larry Page +Katherine Gramann +Mike Elgan +Robert Scoble +Trey Ratcliff +Jessi June +Lynette Young +Cliff Roth +pio dal cin +Mike Searle

A short story at only eleven words, which made me laugh.
A cliffhanger:

King Midas often
Wondered what would happen
If he touched himself.

(Taken from »The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories«, Vol.1, published by Joseph Gordon-Levitt;

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cc +Christian Aichner

Once I went to an exhibition of his work in Naples, Italy. The old, decayed building seemed to be the perfect surrounding for a very modern interpretation of »vanitas«. I was startled and left speechless.

(I disliked Damien Hirst’s work for a long time thinking he was only longing for money and glory, making fun of art. But that was before i had seen his work »in natura«.) RIP
Had he hung on much longer, he would have found that he and his art had finally—in the time it takes an actual living human to give a shit about something, anything, other than money—gone from cool to tool.

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Intense (and gentle) pictures of sometimes disturbing subjects:
"Conditions for creativity are to be puzzled; to concentrate; to accept conflict and tension; to be born everyday; to feel a sense of self" Erich Fromm
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