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Having a copy of your traffic collision report or TCR is one of the most critical parts of any automobile or motorcycle accident report. Why? Because this report will essentially outline all the facts of your accident. It will include a report of any witness present at the time of the accident, weather conditions, injuries sustained and other important facts. In the event that these facts are incorrect the police should be informed immediately to make the appropriate corrections.

In the event that the report is inaccurate it can hurt your chances of recovery for your injuries. For example if the report does not mention a critical fact such as whether you were rear ended or whether the other driver ran a red light it can hurt your chances for recovery. If this is the case proper amendments must be made to the report.

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A female #pedestrian died after being run over by a trash truck as it was backing up on a street in #BeverlyGrove Thursday, authorities said.

The sanitation vehicle was traveling in the 8900 block of West Third Street (map) around 8:30 a.m. when the collision occurred, according to Officer Sally Madera with the Los Angeles Police Department.

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Dangerous chemicals pose a significant risk of severe burns. Chemical burns take place when the skin is exposed to corrosive substances including #oxidizingacids from cleansers, alkalis such as sodium hydroxide and ammonia, and #hydrocarbonsolvents. Chemical burns often result in extensive #tissuedamage and severe pain and suffering. The severity of chemical burns is based on several factors including, duration of contact with the skin, the depth of penetration of the dangerous #chemical, and the concentration of the harmful agent in the solution. If you or a loved one have experience severe #chemicalburn and would like to speak with a burn injury attorney regarding your claim contact our Law Offices toll free at (855)385-2529. All consultations are free of charge.

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A rare car crash involving a black bear and a chain reaction left three people dead and eight injured in #Florida, authorities said.
A woman in an SUV hit the 300-pound #blackbear in a dark, remote road Sunday night, leaving her stranded at #BigCypress #SeminoleReservation in the #Everglades.

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DETROIT — U.S. safety regulators threatened fines and legal action against Takata Corp. Wednesday unless the company admits that its driver’s air bag inflators are defective and agrees to a nationwide recall.
In a letter to Takata’s Washington office, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the Japanese company until Tuesday to file paperwork declaring a defect and expanding the recall from high-humidity states to the full nation.
The company’s air bags have been blamed for at least five deaths and multiple injuries worldwide. They can inflate with too much force, blowing apart a metal canister and spewing shrapnel.
The letter is the first step in a legal process to compel a nationwide recall. To do so, the agency must determine that there’s a safety defect and hold a public hearing. Then it can go to court. It can also fine the company up to $7,000 per vehicle with defective inflators, and the agency says there are millions on the road today.

#Takata  #TakataLawsuit #TakataAirbagLawsuit 

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According to study, too much alcohol can affect a man’s performance in the bedroom but the occasional pint of beer or glass of wine could actually improve male fertility and sexual function.

#Beer #Meat #menshealth  

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Update: According to investigators at the location of the #truckexplosion   a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid on board a tanker truck exploded at a waste facility site located in the #VenturaCounty city of #SantaPaula. Dozens of individuals have been taken to local hospitals for decontamination. Additionally, hundreds of resident of nearby communities have been evacuated.  

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Mr. Morgan is a fighter," Morelli told reporters outside the federal courthouse in Trenton after meeting with Walmart's attorneys to set up future hearings. "He's fighting to get better. If there's a chance to be back to the Tracy Morgan he once was, he is going to try to do that. We just don't know. But is he doing much better? He's doing better," the 30 Rock star's lawyer said. 


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A large percentage of bus related injuries take place inside the vehicle.  Bus passengers are at a heightened risk of slip and falls, bus assaults and battery, bus door injuries, wheelchair lift defects, sudden stops or starts, and driver negligence leading to serious traffic accidents. Most bus and public transportation vehicles contain security camera on board.  Such footage can be of great legal benefit providing your attorney with the essential evidence required to show negligence on the part of the bus drive, the bus line operator and other responsible parties.

#BusAccident   #BusAccidentLawsuit  #BusAccidentAttorney
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