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<Twìlíght> guild on the Alexstrasza US server
<Twìlíght> guild on the Alexstrasza US server

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Posted by Shadowwolf

Our servers have had configurations slightly modified for preparation on the new SSLv3 vulnerability called "Poodle". Because of this change, some older browsers might have connectivity issues.

We suggest if you are having difficulty accessing the guild website that you upgrade your web browser to a newer version or different vendor. Our site is currently optimized mainly for Firefox but Chrome works just as well.

While IE users can still access, because of how much a mess MS usually is about incorporating standards into their browsers, I generally don't cater to it so its one of those "If it works, great..."

Sorry guys, just not worth catering to IE's quirks.

If you run a web facing server that uses SSL, please see the following:

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Posted by Shadowwolf

The Twilight link chopper, a.k.a. "Yuri" is functional again and has also been newly revamped.

She can now:

- tell you stats on your links (hits, visitors per day, visitors per country)
- allow you to select a custom url
- password protect your link
- Geotargeting (redirect visitors to different other links based on country of origin)
- Account creation for easier link management
- Improved API using assigned tokens per user
- QR Code generation for each link
- Twitter and Google Account Logins

Guild members who want to make an account will have access to "premium" features like:

- Custom Splash Pages

Unfortunately the old URL links from old Yuri didnt all port over properly because this new system is so different. You can re-add your old links if you so wish.

Additionally, the guild forum account system is not yet tied into Yuri's new system. I hope to get that done sometime soon but at the moment no promises on timeline.

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Posted by Shadowwolf:

Hey all,

In case you were unaware, the web was hit with news of a serious SSL/Encryption hole this week called the Heartbleed Bug. Unfortunately this bug did affect the TW servers and there is evidence that the bug has existed for over 2 years despite being reported this week. That means that in the last 2 years, there is a possibility that people could have had account info like passwords stolen from the site despite having a secure connection.

The server is no longer vulnerable as of the very day of the bug report and I have revoked and re-issued the security certificate used to encrypt traffic. I would strongly urge EVERYONE to change passwords not only on the forum but on all of your accounts on the web, though you should check first if in fact the sites you visit are still vulnerable to this bug:

If the site is still vulnerable, don't change your password on that site till the administrator of that site fixes the issue as it can still be compromised.

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Hey all!

Twilight's websites now support HSTS!

In our efforts to further improve the site for members and visitors, we now have enabled HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security).

For more information, have a peek here:

Posted by +Shadow Wolf:

Thank you all for your patience in the server migration procedure last night. We had a few hiccups and delays in the process which took longer than anticipated to get everything working again, but its all good now and even better on the back end than before.

The TW Guild forum now supports the latest in SSL technology and that includes Forward Secrecy. Basically Forward Secrecy makes it harder to decrypt any captured encrypted traffic at a later date even if one of the keys is deciphered.

While we aren't trading Nuclear secrets or corporate patent information on the forum, security and privacy is something I consider important in whatever you're doing even if its merely discussing the topic of an MMO game.

Various other back-end improvements have been made and are being worked on even still for a better use experience as well so stay tuned for those new things down the road.

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Posted by +Shadow Wolf:

First, my apologies if the site banner today it annoyed you. I know it was probably unexpected but it is also easily placed out of the way.

Second, as some know, privacy and security are a very personal thing to me and always have been. The mass collection being done by the NSA in secret (well not so secret anymore) just isn't right for US citizens as well as our Canadian neighbors and everyone else around the globe. No one has a right to know every little detail about your private life, who you call and when, who you email and when, where you visit, the games you play or anything unless you CHOOSE to share that with them. This recently adopted concept of monitoring everyone so they can catch people who might think about perpetrating a crime before they do is misplaced and something out of Minority Report.

Fighting against an established entity like the NSA and since these egregious privacy invasions have been ongoing for so long takes time and effort and only many voices united together have a chance to make the changes needed. Political leaders need your votes, unless you happen to live in N. Korea or similar, in that case you probably aren't reading this or playing WoW and have your own oppressive entities to deal with. At any rate votes come from the people and nothing scares a career politician more than losing votes because it makes them vulnerable. When they see large numbers suddenly demand change, they tend to act to appease those numbers to hold on to their jobs.

Thats what the Today We Fight Back movement is all about. Giving everyone a voice directly to the influences that have the power to curtail this privacy overreach.

We should be free to live our private lives as we see fit so long as it doesn't put others in harms way or oppress the innate rights of others. When a government watches your every move, is not held accountable and conducts rulings and decides what to do with information on you in secret, that right to live freely ceases to exist.

So, if you participated today, I thank you. If you have not, I urge you to do so. The greater the numbers, the more likely change will come.

Thank you.

#thedaywefightback #privacy #nsa #governmentoverreach  

Happy 2014 to everyone!

Wishing everyone a safe and Merry Christmas, belated Hanukkah, Festivus, or whatever else you might celebrate with friends and family.

The Twilight Wiki is back online. Thanks for your patience =)
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