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I just found this tip from 2008 for +Google Chrome for opening links in new tabs simply by using middle-click. Truly +Google Chrome has moved the web backward by changing this behaviour.

+Google Search Why won't search results open in a new tab if I middle-click? Same in +Google Chrome and +Vivaldi Browser

+Google Chrome you've moved the web backward. If I middle-click on a link, please let me open it in a new tab.

+Google why do search results open in the same tab when I use middle-click?

Why did Chrome recently stop opening links in new tabs when you middle-click?

Oh, wow. The Google plus news feed is worse than Facebook's 'Top Stories'. The order of stories is unbelievable: it goes from things in 2011 to 2014, back to 2011, then back to 2014 again. Confused face

Opened Google plus iOS because there was an update. Still the same horrible UI.

Please, Google, allow me to get rid of the bell icon in OS X when using Chrome. This might drive me to Safari

Gosh, Google Plus is always finding ways to make me grumpy.

Just looking through Google Plus settings and discovered Auto Awesome. This sounds like Auto Fail. I'm glad I found it and switched it off because it is on by default.
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