A question for all you plussers.
I have searched Google but could not find anything quick, so figured I would do a shout out to see if any of you have any idea as to how I could do the following.

1. I want to be able to show 3d cad models with Google Docs.

I can use the tools and scripting to create a project interface, and can with some effort show the mechanical drawings in 2d, but nothing in 3d.

Yes, I could use Sketchup and upload but it is not integrated with Google Docs, nor is it with G+.

Obviously Google supports Collada within the KML file structure, is there any way to get Google Docs to recognize?

Would also be nice in G+.

It would be nice to be able to collaborate with 3d models, and do presentations, and what ifs in real-time.

I am determined to get an open and free PLM system up and running with Google Docs. If anyone is interested in helping or just brainstorming on it please let me know.
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