Approx. 1 tonne of Building Materials to build 2 to 3 Small Green Houses / Walking boards or Raised Beds, donated to Ellesmere Port Allotment Residents by the Cabinz Project

These composite materials included fire & rot resistant door off cuts for insulating & repairing sheds .

Plastic wood type 2m long beams to make green house or shed frames were doanted with opaque grp roof sheets.

Perhaps resisdents will build structures like our Wedge Block prototype shelters Here & Here or Here Screws, glue & corner braces were also donated by Cabinz.
Cabinz has some funding to distribute materials to make 2 to 3 greenhouses .

We would like to hear from community groups in the NW & North Wales, such as allotment or men in sheds projects who may want them.
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