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We aim to let you discover authentic Russia, we love.
We aim to let you discover authentic Russia, we love.

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Have never been to St. Petersburg before? - Join our «Hello St. Petersburg» tour – the first thing to do to get acquainted with this beautiful city!

We begin our “Hello St. Petersburg” Tour by taking a journey in a comfortable coach to orient you to this vast city. Your personal guide will explain to you the layout of St Petersburg's diverse precincts and provide you with a historical overview that will be useful to you throughout the day.

The guide will acquaint you to the most notable locations in St Petersburg that are steeped in history and culture as: Nevsky prospect, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Bronze Horseman, the Winter palace, Peter and Paul’s Cathedral, Russian Museum, Palace square, the Hermitage, Admiralty, Bazal island and many others.
At each stop, you will have time to take pictures.
During our “Hello St. Petersburg” tour you will visit the most beautiful cathedral in St. Petersburg, one of its most famous attraction, its ornate gem – lavish Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Our Savior on Spilled Blood, covered in inlaid mosaic and decorated with multi colored enamel onion domes. We assure you that you will remember this cathedral forever!
We will also travel to the South of St. Petersburg to the breathtaking summer residence of Tsaritsa Catherine the Great - Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo (Tsar's Village), which is located around 25 km from the city centre – a destination, which is quite hard to reach on your own.

Here, you will be astounded by the wonders of the Amber room, bedecked with authentic Russian amber from floor to ceiling, while the opulent golden layering in every hall will quite astonish you.

By the end of the tour, you will have an appreciation for the rich history and fascinating development of St Petersburg. Your private guide will be happy to answer any questions you will have.

For more details contact us
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NO VISA to RUSSIA if you come by ferry boat.

There are so many prejudices about Russian Visa. Most frequently, people note that they had to fill out a book file of personal data before arrival into Russia.

Still not so many travelers are aware that they could make a visa free visit of St Petersburg onboard St PeterLine ferries from Helsinki and Tallin. When you book a ferry ticket you acquire a 72 hour Russian visa autaumatically that allows you to use any Travel agency. KJOY.TRAVEL would be grateful to organize you stay in St. Petersburg. We are ready to tailor your personal tour, arrange hotels, hostels, apartments- any sort of accomodation as well as to organize a round tranfer for the ferry.
Welcome to St Pete's,
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Do you know that St. Petersburg interior water area takes about 10 % of the city territory! Taking a canal boat tour is an absolute must in this city, while you can include it into your shore excursion tour, which we would be glad to customize for you :)
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So, are you one of the lucky few who get to spend full three days in splendid St. Petersburg?
If you are, then to make your three days in “the Venice of the North” as exciting and memorable as we possibly may K Joy Travel have tailored these three different most popular 3 day tour packages of St.Petersburg.

Simply, depending on your preferences and requirements we ask you to choose the tour which suits you best, and we will do the rest.
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Discover a brilliant offer for cruise ship passengers!
3 day shore excursion tour of St.Petersburg and Moscow with K JOY Travel!

We have designed a tour to allow you to visit our two magnificent capitals: St Petersburg, the cultural capital in the north, and Moscow, Russia's major political and economic center to the south.

The tour is planned for three days and will include significant attractions of both cities, enjoyed at a reasonable pace. All the details are here #shoretour #shoreexcursiontourofstpeterburg #shoretourofmoscow #moscowtour #shoreexcursiontourofpeterburgandmoscow #privatetour #privatetourguidestpeterburg #privatetourstpeterburg #privatetourmoscow
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With K JOY Travel you may set a tour at your own pace. It will let you walk at your speed, slowing down if needed or speeding up and experiencing as much as you possibly can.

We plan the perfect itinerary with each item tailored specifically to your needs. Enjoy a customized tour with

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Tourists coming to Russia often ask us: What currency is preferable?

In Russia we use rubles only, but you may exchange your dollars, euros at almost any local bank. There are plenty of them.

You may also use your credit card: Master, Visa, Maestro work everywhere. But please note you might have some problems with American Express.

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Most Popular 2 DAY Shore tour of St.Petersburg - the TOP!

TOP tour strikes a popular balance between a leisurely pace that is not too hectic, and visiting all those attractions that should not be missed in St. Petersburg!

The tour is set at a moderate pace, which means you will have some time to spend in the museums taking in their highlights, and plenty of time to time to enjoy all of the other attractions that are not within museums.
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Russian Smack!
When you visit a new country, the greatest experience is to taste it. Just drop in the local café, restaurant, and smack the dishes!

If Japan is famous for its sushi, Italy for its pizza and pasta, France for frogs’ legs, the USA for their burgers, then Russia’s brands are borsch, beef-stroganoff and...
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Private Shore Excursion tour to the most famous summer palace of Russian Tsars - the Catherine Palace renowned for the Amber Room: 600 kg of natural stone incorporated with golden wood-carves-it looks spectacular. This room was looted in the WWII, and now you a unique chance to view its fully restored replica. Besides the palace boasts to have colorful dining and living rooms and the greatest ball room decorated with 696 golden candles. Outside the palace you will find a regular park of the 18th century with lovely pavilions specially prepared for the royal parties. So welcome to this beautiful fairytale.

Our goal is to make happy you and we will do our best to provide you with the best tour while meeting your budget and time constraints.
K JOY Travel team -
#traveltorussia #travelstpetersburg #privatetourstpetersburg #guidedtourofstpeterburg #spbtours #spbtour
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