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New Mountain Bike!

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while! All of my frames to date have been for the road, it’s been fun to try something different! I think my workmanship has improved with this bike too, the carbon layup is much more attractive.

It's been built as an 'All Mountain' bike (think Transition TransAM or Genesis Alpitute etc) So its designed to run long travel forks (140-160mm) and also has a sloping top-tube finished with a neat little seat-tube gusset. Larger diameter tubing has also been used (50mm downtube, 45mm toptube) making this bike noticeably stiffer without effecting the weight too much at a respectable 1.9kg or 4.2 lbs. It also has a carbon seat-tube insert instead of aluminium which has saved a whooping 50 grams, every little helps!

I have not been able to give it a proper test ride yet because of snow. Nevermind, next week I will be in Shropshire to give it some real abuse. I have tried riding an aluminium all mountain hardtail a couple of years back, suffice to say it was too jarring for the kind of trails i ride and i ended up going back to a full suspension bike. Having occasionally taken my bamboo road bike off-road I already appreciate how well bamboo takes the edge off the bumpy stuff - I think this bike is going to be awesome.

If you like what you see check out more images here

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